Are you unable to put in the right words to that ‘Oh! So perfect music’? Here are a few tips and ideas on writing a brilliant song which will help you get the point across, in a melodious fashion!

Songwriting Tips

Is music your only true love? Have you received a formal training in singing? Are you a maestro with the piano and know your guitar strings by heart? You even know the do’s and don’ts of electronic music software. Well, now that everything seems to be picture perfect, singing a song can’t be much of a problem, isn’t it? Not really. There still lies one teensy bit of a problem. Somehow you just can’t come up with good lyrics! Composing only instrumental pieces is easy-wheezy. However, problem arises when it comes to penning a few lines. Do you often choke like a woolly mammoth trying to swallow a dinosaur whenever you sit down to write lyrics for your song? The very idea of sitting down with a pen and converting all those inhibited emotions into words that are meaningful may seem like a Herculean task; impossibility; an end of the world prospect. However, the good news is that the task is everything except that. If you are stuck with the writer’s block, but are churning out tunes that are definitely going to make people groove, then fret not, as songwriting is easier than you thought it was! Believe it or not, writing a song can be as easy as eating sugarcoated candy. Read on ahead about some tips on songwriting that will help you get started.
Ideas For Writing A Song
  • The simplest and the easiest thing you can initially do is, try. It is impossible to know whether or not you would be able to pen a few lines without trying. However, don’t get disheartened with the first draft. Remember, the first draft of a song is never good enough. You might have to come up with 3 or 4 drafts to try to associate with the different moods of the music. It is important to remember that at the end of the day you are making songs to entertain and hence it becomes essential that the audience emotionally connects with the song and the music. As such, always have a lot of options and keep working on your abilities.
  • Define who you are writing the song for. True, music is an independent art form but you need to know, who are the most likely people, who will appreciate your song? For instance, if the lyrics are extremely easy and gripping, then your song would ideally connect with the youth and the masses. However, if the words written are too complicated and deal with complex emotions, then chances are that you would have a limited audience.
  • Any kind of writing requires practice. An idealistic situation, wherein you sit down to write and a stroke of inspiration bowls you over, making the words flow relentlessly, is after all just idealistic. As romantic as that sounds, and as much as you want it to happen, the possibility is really bleak. Writing requires effort, practice and constant thought. It is essential that you keep writing every day; because that is the only way you will find it easier when you finally get to writing that one song that will truly touches every soul and gives you a sense of fulfillment.
  • There are computer programs that are used for writing songs. However, we advise not to use them. Music is an art form; you are slicing out a part of you for the world to see. Therefore, do not look for short cuts. A computer program can’t possibly comprehend real emotions. Use your head, believe in the music and you will find the words.
  • If you are someone who is into gimmickry when it comes to his/her songs, think about it. Just because you bought a new wa-wa pedal does not mean your song needs a wa-wa undertone. Erase parts of the song that break the flow. Do not try to implement all your ideas in one song. Look at the overall picture, you might like a few lines but if they seem to be changing the entire essence of the song, do not use them, only because they come across as a nice play of words.
  • Most of the inspiration comes from past experiences. Peer through the pages of your life and see what memory strikes a chord with song. Make sure that the feeling associated with the memory is brought out in the song. Analyze how relatable it is to people listening to the song!

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