No party is complete without fun-filled games. If you are looking for some fun game ideas for the birthday party of your toddler, go through the article.

Toddler Birthday Party Games

Are you planning to throw a birthday party for your toddler? If yes, then you should know that a toddler's birthday party revolves around fun and interesting games. While planning such games, make sure to keep the rules as simple as possible, so that children do not find it difficult to win the game. You should also provide for colorful gifts and prizes that will attract the little guests to the games even more. If possible, present gifts to all the children, to show your appreciation for their participation. If you want some ideas for the toddler birthday party games, the following lines will surely prove to be useful.
Fun Toddler Birthday Party Game Ideas
Pass The Parcel
Get items like puzzles, coloring books, pencil boxes, sketch pen set and soft toys. Make the gifts look attractive by wrapping them in colorful papers. Now, ask the toddlers to sit in a circle. Play background music. As the music starts, ask one of the kids to pass a gift to the one sitting next to him/her, and so on. The toddler holding the gift, when the music stops, will be its winner. Continue the game until all the kids get one gift.
Toss The Ball
Decorate a laundry basket with colorful construction papers or gift-wraps. Ask the children to stand in a queue. Place the basket at a small distance from the participants. Let each toddler come to the front of the line and toss a ball into the basket, giving three tries to each of them. The child who tosses the ball in the basket, the maximum number of times, wins the game.
Walk On The Animal
The little guests would love to play this game. Using a chalk, make circles on the floor and draw a few animals as well. Play the music and let all the kids walk over the circles and animals drawn on the floor. The kids should stand still at their position, the moment the music stops. The children standing on the animal figure will be presented with toys. Ensure that all the kids are given presents, by the time the game ends.
The Counting Game
This game will help the toddlers learn counting. Ask them to sit on the floor. Get a collection of small sized pebbles. Stand behind the participants, holding a cookie tin. Drop the pebbles, one by one, into the tin. Ask the children to count the number of pebbles falling into the tin.
The Guessing Game
The guessing game involves the active participation of the host as well as the guests. Ask the children to sit on the floor, facing you. Now, enact different cartoon characters or animals. Let the children guess who or what you are. To make the game more interesting, you may introduce some noises while you act.
Hunt The Treats
Hide sweets, candy bars, cookies and chocolates around the house. Divide the children into teams, with two members in each team. Set a time limit, within which the children have to find their treats. To make the game more exciting, you may assign specific treats to each team. The team that finds its treats within the given time, or before any other team, wins the game.

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