Western part decorations are a great way to enliven a party. Read the article below to get an idea on how to go about it.

Western Party Decorations

The Wild West always have been an attraction for both the young and old alike. Romanticized in movies, the cowboys and their adventures became a staple during the 70s and 80s and cut across cultural boundaries. Pointed boots, denims, and cowboy hats were the stuff that became hot commodities. There are numerous western party decorations that a person can choose from, depending on his or her sensibilities. So, one can have decorations detailing saloons, corrals and barns, the entire sheriff’s office, a bandits lair or a gold diggers memorabilia. A true blue western party decoration involves even the dressing up of patrons and guests in Wild West costumes complete with slinging guns and half-smoked cigars. Another very interesting western party decorating theme is the red Indians. Their accessories are easy to make and also don’t cost much. Described below are some of the western party decorations that anybody can make with the minimum cost and energy.
How To Decorate Your Party On A Western Theme 
  • Make posters with photos of your guests marked wanted and pin them on the walls. Make sure to make the photos look scary and also add a price on their head.
  • Paint saloon, sheriff’s office, hotel on plywood or cardboard and hang them from doors and windows
  • Use low lighting to bring in an effect of danger.
  • Cover the floor with sand or sawdust. Take out all the ropes, ladder from the store, and place them against the wall.
  • Keep alcohol and cigars on a makeshift bar and also keep lots of bandanas to hand out to your guest ready.
  • Mark a place outside to light a bonfire with chairs around it. Keep a kettle and mugs for coffee.
  • Cowboy dress can be purchased or rented from most party suppliers, so, wear them and/or make your guest wear them.
  • In case you cannot get the dress, make life-size cutouts of your guests or guest of honor and place it at the entrance.
  • To bring in a more Western feel, erect a wigwam with a couple of bed sheets and poles. Make use of old bed sheets so that you can draw or paint various aspects of Red Indians life.
  • Use bamboo to make smoking pipes, design it with fabric, and place it inside or near the wigwam. You can also make a cardboard canoe and then place it near the wigwam.
  • Play songs from classic cowboy movies to set the mood and then move onto country music. You can even take out a guitar and set the more pleasing voices among the guests singing.  
  • Construct a makeshift barn in your backyard with hanging lanterns, bales of hay and some other minor farm equipments.
  • Prepare an appropriate slogan or a theme game like looking for gold or a duel with the sheriff. Use a horseshoe and fabric and set horseshoe prints all over the house.

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