Hiring a D.J. to perform is an outdated wedding entertainment idea. Read on to get some unique ideas for wedding entertainment and make the night memorable for the couple.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding day is the most important day not only for the bride and groom, but also for their parents. One gets goose bumps thinking about the wedding night. Are the arrangements fine? Will everything happen as planned? Is everything in order? These are few of the many questions that bother the couple’s family. Amongst all these qualms and preparation, most families give little or no attention towards making the wedding night a fun filled and entertaining affair. However, one should remember that whether the wedding is being organized in a simple way or in an extravagant manner, creative wedding entertainment ideas can make it very special for the couple as well as the guests. Given in the following lines are unique ideas for entertainment that couples’ can employ for their wedding day.
Unique Ideas For Wedding Entertainment
Fun Casino
Want to bring the feel of Las Vegas to your wedding venue? If yes, then just go for ‘Fun Casino’ as the entertainment option on your D-Day. Hiring a casino for the wedding party can be a good option for entertaining people. The only difference will be you hiring a fun casino which does not involve betting by real money. Casino ‘money’ will be a fun favor for your friends who will enjoy playing casino in a wedding party.
Magical Night
If you are looking out for a thrilling wedding entertainment idea, a magician can serve the purpose. We are not speaking about a magician standing up on the stage and pulling out rabbits from his hat. You can well reserve that for your kid’s birthday party! A magician at a wedding would be one who mingles around with people working his way around your guests and showing them different tricks such as doubling snacks, or missing drinks. 
The Look-A-Like
How about giving your wedding party a Hollywood touch? You can have a James bond or a Johnny Depp wandering around your wedding reception or sharing a drink with Angelina Jolie. You can have the look-a-like of these characters in your wedding reception mingling with your guests and clicking photographs with them.
Walk The Ramp
Why not utilize the effort put in by each of the guests for getting ready for your D-Day? Weddings are illustrious places where fashion seems to run every mind. Having a fashion show in your wedding can prove to be a good idea to entertain the guests. You can organize a fashion show for both male and female guests. Hire an experienced photographer to click the snaps.
You can even keep prizes for the best couple, the best smile, best costume etc. The bride and groom can also take part by walking down the ramp at the last to end the competition and announce the winners. This kind of an arrangement will keep the guests occupied and enjoying.
Dance Till You Drop!
Nothing can beat the intensity of grooving around on your favorite track. Dance is believed to be the best form of entertainment at all occasions. After the wedding rituals are over, organize a dance party and perform different dance forms with your guests. Inviting professional dancers is also a good idea. Play some rocking music and leave the floor open for everyone to join in and enjoy the music.

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