Pencil tricks are an instant killer of boredom and a sure shot at winning attention. Read this article and learn a few pencil tricks.

Pencil Tricks

So how do you kill time when you’re trapped in the confines of your principal’s cubicle? Detention is indeed one of your biggest nightmares. No playstation, No football to kick, No comrade to arm-wrestle with or pointlessly babble to. Sigh! Even biology class would be more bearable than the torturous silence! You gaze into the clock with hands far more frozen than yours were, two years ago in the Swiss Alps. Just before you fall into an uncomfortable slumber, it hits you! Maybe this is your cue to experiment with the pencil tricks that you’ve been dying to master. Whether it’s “the pencil up the nose and out the ear” trick or a basic pencil trick, it’s bound to keep you occupied! What about the times, you have to sit idle for a conference till everybody arrives? The twenty minutes of waiting will indeed be excruciating. The best cure to boredom would be to flaunt your prowess with pencil tricks and attract unexpected onlookers. Besides, this time you might finally get that cute girl to notice you. Follow this article to achieve the dexterity behind performing certain pencil tricks.

Pencil Magic Tricks

The Finger Roll
  • Clench the pencil in an upright position between your index and middle fingers at about three-fourths of the pencil’s whole length.
  • Face your palm downwards with three-fourths of the pencil dipping firmly below your palm as opposed to above it.
  • Slide your index finger downward, heading towards the bottom of your middle finger so as to push the pencil under your middle finger.
  • Place your third finger below the pencil and stabilize it in such a way that the index and ring fingers are under the pencil while the middle finger stands on top of the pencil.
  • Pull your index finger from under the pencil and hold this upright position between your middle and ring fingers.
  • Slide your middle finger slightly upwards while simultaneously placing your index finger under the pencil.
  • Place your little finger on top of the pencil.
  • Allow the pencil to slide off your middle finger as your little finger pushes downwards and your index finger pushes upwards simultaneously.
  • Roll the pencil over and pinch between your thumb and first fingers.
  • Loosen your grasp so the pencil can easily slide back to its starting position and continue.
The Thumb Spin
  • Hold the bottom tip of your unsharpened pencil with your index and middle fingers and your thumb on the top for balance. Your palm should be facing upward.
  • Push the pencil upwards with the use of your middle finger. Imitate the action of snapping but do not let your middle finger slide down your thumb.
  • Create sufficient momentum for the pencil to move over the thumb by ensuring that the upward push is quick and strong enough.
  • As the pencil rolls around the thumb, push the index finger slightly backwards to get it out of the way so that the pencil can move past it. Resist the urge to stop the pencil using your index finger, although you’ll be tempted to.
  • Once the pencil has completed its movement around your thumb, it will return to its starting position. Repeat this process from the beginning.
  • After you start the push, try moving your thumb in a manner that there is more space between your thumb and hand. This creates a larger area for the pen to fall into.
  • Practice spinning a long pencil first and then improve by spinning a short pencil.
  • Be careful not to hit your eyes or anybody else's eyes. A pointy and sharpened pencil is not advisable!

The Pencil Up The Nose And Out The Ear
As gruesome as it may sound, this trick is by far the most baffling. A skilled trickster masters the art of illusion. He or she hides the entire length of the pencil under his arm and deceives audiences by pretending to shove it into his right nostril as the right hand wrist slides up and down. However, the pencil remains hidden behind the thick mass of the arm. As audiences are tricked into believing that the pencil has been thrust inside the nostril, the trickster adeptly shifts his hands to the right ear lobe and pretends to pull out the pencil from the labyrinths of his ear.

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