Magic card tricks are always fascinating and never fail to entertain people, young and old. Read below to learn how to do magic card tricks.

How To Do Magic Card Tricks

Most of us remember our childhood days, when visiting the circus was one of the most anticipated events. Apart from the animals, the candies and the joy rides, kids would look forward to seeing the most mysterious person of all, one who wears top hats and dark clothes with a cape, pulls rabbits out of a hat or cuts people and then joins them again and performs a host of other unworldly tricks. He is what the kids know of as the magician, and his repertoire also includes a creepy deck of cards. When it comes to magic, it can safely be said that not only kids, but even adults are kept in thrall by the mystic nature of magic. This explains justly as to why almost each one of us has a fascination to learn magic tricks, so that we can amaze our friends and guests in the same way as we were held in awe, by the magician when we were kids. To learn magic tricks, the best is always to start with card deck, as it is both easy and intriguing. Card tricks do not need elaborate props and since a deck of cards is easily available, it can be a good way to pass the time with friends or even entertain guests at a party. But like all magic tricks, learning card tricks also require a lot of practice so that your sleight of hand cannot be captured by the audience. Read below to learn a few magic card tricks.
Learn Magic Card Tricks
Flip Card
  • Let your friend or any member of the audience choose a card from the deck and study it.
  • Stealthily turn the bottom card and flip the deck. The bottom card will be on the top of the deck with the face down, while the rest of the cards in the deck will be face up.  
  • Now, let the member put the card that he or she selected back in the deck.
  • Put the deck of cards behind your back and turn the top card over and flip the deck. Give the deck to the person and ask him or her to find the selected card. The person will be surprised to find that the card that he or she selected is the only one face up.
Countdown Trick
  • First, shuffle the deck of cards and casually glance at the bottom card and memorize it.
  • Now drop the cards slowly from the bottom and let the audience say stop when they think that you have dropped ten cards.
  • While dropping the cards make sure that the bottom card that you memorized ends at the top of the pile.
  • Let the audience take the top card without showing it to you and memorize it. Then give the deck of card to any one member and tell him or her to put in the selected card and shuffle the deck.
  • Take the deck back and spread the cards in a fan. You can show them the card that they picked which in reality is the one card that you memorized earlier.
Card Prediction
  • Take ten cards, five with blue backs and five with red backs.
  • Hold the cards in a fan shape in your hand arranging them alternately such that there is one red and one blue.
  • Display the cards to the spectator without showing them the back of the cards.
  • Let the spectator select a particular card. Then cut the card deck on the selected card.
  • Put the selected card on the table face up. Now place all the cards before the selected card and place them beneath those that are after the selected card from the left hand.
  • Move the top card from the left hand to the right. Then turn both hands to show the blue backs or the red backs of the cards at both hands. The color of the deck back of both the hands should be consistent.
  • Turn both the hands so that the cards are face up. Place the cards from the right hand face up on the table.
  • Put the top face up card from the left hand on the pile. Then place all the other cards. The spectator will think that you have dealt with only blue cards. Then show the back of the card which was selected earlier and it will be red. Thus, it will look like only the different card was selected by the spectator.

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