No wedding celebration is complete without a glorious, lip-smacking wedding cake. Here are some of the popular wedding cake flavors for you to explore, before you say- ‘I do’.

Wedding Cake Flavors

When it comes to weddings, everyone likes them to be larger than life. When it is wedding time, we barely like to compromise on anything and want to get the very best. And when it is the wedding cake in question, well, the bigger and yummier it is, the better! Your wedding cake indeed adds up to the wedding extravaganza. Cakes have forever been the center of attraction, in nearly all western wedding celebrations. Now, who doesn’t love an ornate, three-tier wedding cake? With the cake stealing much limelight in the event, it is only fair you get a cake as luscious also. Treat your guests to a sumptuous serving of your exotic wedding cake and get them talking about it for days to come.A gorgeously decked up wedding cake, which not only looks good, but also tastes heavenly,will ensure that your wedding ends in great style. Here are some exciting flavors to choose from, for your D-day cake. Read on to take your pick.
Popular Flavors For Wedding Cakes
Think wedding cake, think vanilla! Vanilla cakes make for elegant wedding cakes, with their rich flavor and blissful taste. You can go for vanilla sponge cakes, filled with vanilla syrup and coated with raspberry preserve and vanilla butter cream or the traditional vanilla cake, with generous layers of vanilla syrup, vanilla butter cream filling and vanilla icing. Mango vanilla cake, filled with mango mousseline and buttercream, makes for another excellent choice. To add further zing to your wedding celebration, you can try the vanilla rum torte, sprinkled with spiced rum and layered with rum custard
Lemon/ Orange
Go zesty with your wedding cakes! Order a lemon sponge cake to celebrate your D-day. Lemon sponge cake comes loaded with Limoncello syrup and layered with lemon curd and lemon butter cream. You can also try the delicious orange sponge cake that promises oodles of orange marmalade and orange butter cream. You can get innovative with Orange mocha cake or even settle for the mouth-watering lemon & coconut cupcake tower.
If you swear by the fruity flavor, getting raspberries or strawberries and cream cake can tickle your taste buds. Try out the strawberry grand mariner cake that comes with chunks of strawberry and orange liqueur or lemon blackberry cake that boasts of fresh blackberry jam filling and zest of lemon. Peaches and cream vanilla cake with fresh peach mouse and peaches and custard and white chocolate mousse promises to be an exotic delight for your mouth.
If you are another die-hard chocolate fanatic, you can try giving a shot to these chocolate cakes. Rich dark chocolate cake, layered with Belgian chocolate ganache and Bailey’s cream liqueur, promises to leave your guests begging for more. A rich chocolate cake layered with luscious chocolate mousse would make your wedding an irresistibly tempting affair. You can also consider white chocolate mousse cake, black forest cake, chocolate and orange cake and even chocolate hazelnut torte chocolate cake for an unforgettable wedding!
If you are more into nuts, trying hazelnut praline and apricot cake or almond cream moist ground cake can complement you taste. The crunchy zest of nuts, added to the fluffy richness of butter cream, would make the cake melt into your hearts.
For others, who simply can’t seem to get over the rich taste of coffee, try Tiramisu light sponge cake soaked with espresso coffee and rum and filled with a sweetened mascarpone cream. For Cappuccino lovers, going for Cappuccino torte vanilla chiffon cake would make your wedding cake as memorable as the wedding itself!
For more exotic cake lovers, here’s your pick. Go for swirled marble cake that boasts of vanilla bean syrup and sour cream fudge icing. You can also go for Italian rum cream and fruit cake, which comes loaded with rum syrup, vanilla pastry cream filling and vanilla butter cream icing.

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