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Wedding Cake Trends 2009

The year 2008 is about to end and all of us are ready to welcome the coming year i.e. 2009. For those who have a wedding in the coming year, especially in the summer or spring of the New Year, it is the time to make the final choice with relation to their wedding dress as well as the design and style of the wedding cake. Talking about wedding cake, the year 2009 will witness the comeback of the fanciful and classic themes, with the colors ranging from pastel blue to lilac and lemon hues. Want to know more about wedding cake trends of 2009? Just go through the lines below and find all the information.
Wedding Cake Trends 2009
Hexagonal and Square Shapes
It is the time to move over the typical, round or heart-shaped cakes. The year 2009 has brought along a new trend, that of hexagonal or square-shaped tier cake. Add a touch of modernity to your traditional wedding by opting for cubes and layered hexagons, rather than the oval and circular designs. The stacked shapes will also prove to be a unique standalone centerpiece, for the newly-wedded couple's table. As for adornments, geometric embellishments and sugar plaque details will work the best.
Chic Elegance
The chic 'black and white' style in wedding cakes has managed to maintain its position amongst the top trends in 2009 as well. For that elegant look, go ahead and have a cake design with monochrome flair. If you want, you can also match the black, lace-style decorations or intricate details of the cake with that of your wedding dress, since the former has been picked right from the ramp. If you are a true lover of Parisian culture, have white fondant icing on the cake, topped with black or dark brown icing.
Blue Hue
We have already mentioned that the year 2009 is going to be dominated by shades of blue, like turquoise, along with greens, such as aquamarine. If you want your wedding cake to be colorful, then bright blues and greens are the colors that you should opt for. A great idea is to have tropical theme for your wedding cake, with turquoise, aquamarine and sky blue as the base colors for icing. Silver, white, light grey and lilac will act as complementary colors, bringing your theme to life.
Comeback Pink
The coming year will mark the comeback of pink color. In fact, the color is going to rule the roost as far as the bridesmaids' dresses as well as the flower embellishments on the bride's white gown are concerned. So, it is apt that you adopt the color for your wedding cake as well. If you are all for pink, then an pink cake, finished with white 'lace' details, silver embellishments and pink flowers, will be perfect. However, if you want to tone it down a bit, then keep white as the base color and use pink for all types of embellishments on the cake.
Square Cupcakes
The trend of having a tower of cupcakes, rather than a traditional cake, is there to stay in 2009 as well. However, this year, instead of the usual round cupcakes, cakes in geometric shapes will be the flavor of the season. Towers made of square cakes are amongst the hot favorites for the brides in 2009. If want to do something different, have classic square cakes, decked out in ribbons and flowers, in a tiered or staggered style. The cup cakes can also be decorated as miniature 'presents', adding a special touch to the wedding celebrations.

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