Cupcakes are an interesting gastronomic innovation. Read on to find how cupcake wedding cakes can add amusing quotient to your wedding reception.

Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Wedding is no longer celebrated in the conventional style only. Themed weddings are amongst the latest wedding trends that are being adopted by people. The decorations, favors and invitations - all seem to reflect the changing styles adopted for a wedding. The trend has caught on food items as well, with the 'traditional' cakes being replaced by large numbers of cupcakes, arranged in tiers. Instead of opting for the multi-tier cakes, many couples, today, are preferring cupcake wedding cake. These small cakes are an interesting and trendy concept and are becoming increasingly popular.
Cupcakes are fanciful to look at and add fascination to the whole environment. While your guest would be expecting the usual cake, these small cakes will come as an absolute surprise for them. Cupcakes are versatile in nature. They can be of various flavors, unlike the wedding cake that is primarily of a single flavor. Different flavor cup cakes allow the guest to pick their favorite one. Complementing to the size of the cake, their prices are also less, which gives an added bonus to the host.
Cupcakes are also less messy than their bigger counterparts. They allow for easy and comfortable handling. In case of wedding cakes, transportation becomes a daunting task. Since cupcakes are individually wrapped, there is no need to cut the cake and plate each piece. Each guest can pluck a piece from the tower or “cupcake bar” and carry it back to his or her table. Cupcakes are also easier to carry home for the guest who would love a piece of cake, but would rather not eat it at the reception.
Just like every coin has two sides, cupcakes also have some disadvantages. The auspicious and fun cake cutting ceremony completely disappears from the scene. The factor of falling short of cupcakes also increases. If you have a wedding cake, you can manage to cut small pieces if it falls short, but cupcakes do not give you any such option. You need to order them in large quantities. So, weigh the pros and cons before settling any of the two cakes - 'traditional cake' or 'cupcakes cake'. The choice is entirely yours!

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