Wedding cake is an essential element of a wedding. Explore the article to know about the wedding cake trends 2011.

Wedding Cake Trends 2011

Wedding may be considered as the best day of your life. There would be very few people in the world who had not even once dreamt about their own wedding. Most of us have played the games of brides and grooms in our childhood and dreamt of the D-day to be an absolute fairy tale. One of the most important aspects, of a wedding is the wedding cake. Wedding cake takes up a prominent place amidst the culinary feast. In fact, it is one of the most important staple marks of the wedding—as important as the bridal gown itself. The wedding cake is a very important part of the reception and represents much more than just a scrumptious dessert. If you think of wedding cake as just another cake, you could not be more wrong. Riveting the eyes of all your guests towards itself with its delicious and gorgeous looks, a wedding cake serves as the centerpiece of your wedding reception. It is very important to choose the wedding cake meticulously in order to match it with the right trend, the theme of the wedding, and your personal style. It should also reflect your style as a couple. Every year brings with itself a different trend and this year is also not an exception. Year 2011 has brought with itself a horde of both the traditional and modern styles of wedding cakes, which has lots to offer and caters to both the modern and the traditional thinkers. Explore the following pointers given below to know the best wedding cake style for the year 2011.
Top Wedding Cakes Hot Ideas for 2011
The Traditional Feel
The year 2010 had witnessed lots of couples sticking to their traditions and customs, with the wedding cake being no exception. Chances are in 2011, the numbers are going to rise up and high. Softer colors and simple yet elegant decorated cakes are the talk of the town. While lacy designs matching the bride’s dress were a hit in 2010, this year, big ruffles, pleats, pintucks, corsages, roses, and hydrangeas have been beautifully incorporated into cakes, presenting you the perfect wedding cake with that ‘wow’ factor.
Brighten It Up
Apart from the color white, wedding cakes took a different route and experimented with colors in 2010. 2011, too, follows this custom religiously utilizing bright colors to complement the color schemes of the day. You are more likely to be impressed by earth colors, such as mocha, grey, dusty pinks, and peaches, apart from some vibrant and lively shades of orange, yellow, and other hues of green and blue.
The Short Stack
While tall cakes are anytime favorites for a wedding, the year 2011 presents you some short cakes as well, particularly for those couples who not into going super tall. A 2-tiered cake may be the perfect thing for such couples. Though they may appear understated but they give that required oomph and elegant appeal, quintessential for any wedding cake. To infuse beauty, luxury, and class, these cakes can be stacked and frosted together to give the same height as a 3 or 4 tiered cake.
Topsy-Turvy Whimsical
If you belong to the category of happy-go-lucky and easygoing people, getting a traditional 3-tiered round cake wouldn’t be perfect to your personality. For, a wedding and the wedding cake, in particular, should be an epitome of your character and traits. How about a crazy, creative cake that is as topsy and turvy as your individuality? Your guests are sure to love your ideology of presenting your true self.
Yet another popular wedding cake trend that is sure to create waves in 2011 is cupcakes. Instead of getting the conventional tall and elegant wedding cake baked, cupcakes are extremely trendy and increasingly admired by all guests walking in to bless the newly wedded couple. With each individual cake decorated to its best, you get create that wow factor without paying a single extra green.
Besides the above listed wedding cake trends for 2011, some ideas from the previous year are highly appreciated and accepted in the current list as well. These include Tall Wedding Cakes, Fondant Over Butter Cream Cakes, Sophisticated Monograms, and Fondant Ruffles.
Top Wedding Cakes Hot Ideas for 2010
Tall Wedding Cakes
2011 brings with itself the trend of towering wedding cakes. Contrary to last year, where three tiered cakes were in rage, this year has brought the trend of taller cake. While last year the cakes for wedding usually consisted of maximum one to three layers, this year it has increased to five to seven tiers. So if you are planning a wedding this season, the best bet for you would be to go for five or seven layered cake. Although if your budget doesn’t allow you a treat of seven layers, you could go for fake layers too.
Fondant Over Butter Cream Cakes
Whether you want to go for fondant cakes or butter cream cakes depends on your preference and budget. However, many of 2010 bride and grooms are opting for butter creams, mainly because it is cost effective. In addition, butter cream is preferred by many, because it is tastier. Fondant was mainly used in the cake frostings as it can give the cake a very beautiful look as opposed to butter cream, which tends to melt fast and doesn’t give the desired smoothness to the cake. However, a layer of fondant over butter cream will give you both an elegant look and delicious taste. 
Dramatic Color
As seen on the runways, the trend of dramatic colors can be seen in the wedding cakes too. The colors, which were considered a little too theatrical for the cakes until, last year, are now considered in vogue. You will get to see a lot of green, blues, and even orange colored wedding cakes in 2010. However, the customary white and the jewel themed black and white cake will also be in vogue this year. 
Sophisticated Monograms
Monograms always give a stylish and a signatory style to the wedding. 2010 brings the trend of monogrammed wedding cakes. It not only gives your wedding a classic look but also ups your own signatory style.
Edible Painted Cakes
Although the trend of edible painted cakes appeared in early 2009, it is likely to be continued in the year 2010 also. So get your baker decorate the cake with the work of famous artist. It will not only be a treat to the tongue but also to the eyes.
Baubles Tiered Cake
Baubles are not just for decorating Christmas tree but they also make a great shape for wedding cakes too. While the first layer of the cake remains circular, square, or even heart shaped the other four or six layers of five and seven tiered cake respectively are in the shaped of baubles. It can be anything from cream cakes in the shape of baubles in gold, white, pink, or any other colors depending on the theme of the cake and the wedding. It can be laid in a transparent glass cake stand to make it look very attractive. It will not only act as the centerpiece of the reception area but will also fetch you many compliments about it.
Something Blue
You may have something old, something new and something borrowed but if you are lacking in something blue, then let your wedding cake be your something blue. Ice blue, aqua blue, and any subtle hue of blue color, wedding cakes would be “in” in 2010 weddings.
Match It With Bridesmaid’s Dress
While the last year was all about matching the wedding cake color to the bride’s gown, this year it is all about matching the cake with the bridesmaid and even brides groom dresses.
Fresh Fruit Topped Cakes
The nature is the theme of 2010 so how the cakes could be untouched from the theme. This year you may find loads of wedding cakes filled with fresh fruits pieces. Strawberries, black berries, peaches, mangoes and other fruits would be used to embellish the wedding cake.
Fondant Ruffles
Ruffles were all over the runways this year and the trend of cute ruffles would be seen in the wedding cakes too. If you are a 2010 bride and are opting for ruffled bridal dress, you could go for five or seven tiered cakes adorned with ruffles, laces, and rosettes.

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