Hanukkah is celebrated with great zeal and excitement by the Jews of the world. Explore the article to find some interesting and exciting celebration ideas for Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Celebration Ideas

Hanukkah is an annual festival of the Jews, which holds immense religious significance for the fraternity. During the 8 days of Hanukkah, Jews light the menorah and read prayers to commemorate the rededication of their holy temple, after the minority Jewish soldiers triumphed over the invading Syrian army. The festive occasion is also called Jewish Christmas by many. It is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm by Jews across the globe. Explore the article to find some exciting celebration ideas for Hanukkah, to make the festival all the more exciting and memorable.
Tips For Celebrating Chanukah
Organize A Hanukkah Party 
One of the most joyous ways to celebrate Hanukkah is to organize a gala party at your home and invite friends over. Partying on Hanukkah in the company of your loved ones will make the event memorable for you. To make your Hanukkah party a success, you will have to send invitations in advance and decide on the party menu as well. Make some of the most scrumptious Hanukkah recipes for your guests and delight them. You can also organize a Hanukkah quiz to keep your guests hooked.
Play Fun Hanukkah Games
You can play some fun games with your family on Hanukkah. If you are organizing a Hanukkah party, you can have a gala time playing these games with your guests. Driedel games are very popular on Hanukkah. In fact, you can make the driedel at home, by engaging the children in creative Hanukkah crafts to prepare props for playing games on Hanukkah. You can even use your innovation to improvise on traditional Hanukkah games and make them even more enjoyable.
Watch Hanukkah Movies
Get along with your family and friends and watch popular Hanukkah movies to enjoy the day to the hilt. ‘The Hebrew Hammer’, A Rugrats Chanukah’ and ‘Lambchop’s Chanukah and Passover Surprise’ are some very famous movies themed on Hanukkah, which can make your day super exciting and enjoyable. Do not forget to prepare yummy Hanukkah treats for your viewers, so that they can have a delightful time in the interval.
Decorate Your Home
For those who have an artistic bent of mind and want to celebrate Hanukkah in a more creative way, making Hanukkah ornaments to decorate their homes is a great bet. You can make the Star of David candle and place mats and put them on display in your living room, so that the visitors get an opportunity to note your creative talent. Also, use Hanukkah clipart for decoration purposes. Apart from enhancing your creativity, homemade Hanukkah decorations will also make your abode look unique on the festive occasion.
Read Hanukkah Books & Literature

For those who want to celebrate Hanukkah in the company of books, getting hold of some good literature on Hanukkah will be a great idea. Look for books that throw light on Hanukkah symbols, history, prayers, facts, quotes and blessings, to make your reading session more interesting and informative. This will help you to get more acquainted with this beautiful ‘festival of lights’.

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