Wedding trends are highly influenced by what is hot in the fashion world and wedding cakes are no exceptions. Glance through this article to find some hot wedding cake ideas for 2011.

Wedding Cakes 2011

Wedding cakes have become an inseparable part of any wedding reception. Would-be brides always look out for cakes that will make theirs stand out in the gathering only to be declared as unique and different, second to none. In this ever-changing world of fashion, several theme weddings are taking the lead which makes it obvious for other wedding aspects to follow accordingly. This also include the delicious and tempting wedding cakes that form the center of attraction at any wedding reception. Different trends are introduced at the beginning of a year. Right from fun cake toppers to delicious flavors to interesting ways of displaying and serving the cake, there are numerous ways that can make your wedding cake a one-of-its-kind. Given here are some ideas for wedding cakes if you are planning to take the wedding vows in 2011. Check them out.
Wedding Cake Trends 2011
Black & White
While classic white wedding cakes adorned with beautiful flowers are a common sight, give your cake some hues of black as well for a change. Get your cake festooned with black felt colored buttons, flowers, ribbons, and bows for a very sophisticated yet hippie look, refreshing the oldie golden years of yesterday. Have them flavored with coconut, white chocolate, black chocolate, black coffee, fondant, and topped with sugarpaste flowers. 
Modern Art
If you love colors, then cakes flaunting modern art should be your pick. A blend of different colors, patterns and textures creating various designs would be a hot favorite in the year 2011. Let your guests keep guessing the theme of the cake and what it actually portrays. They sure will have a nice time doing so.
Traditional With A Hint Of Contemporary
In case you are one of those who love traditions and cultures, ask your baker to bake a traditional cake, but with a touch of contemporariness. After all, you are marrying in the modern world, then why should the cake be an entirely old-fashioned one. Have plainer, square-shaped cakes with delicate decorations. Get them twisted to sharper angles rather than the customary smoother, rounded look. For a vintage touch, use gold decorative accessories. 
Monumental Structures
France, Italy, Maldives, Goa, Switzerland or Mauritius, you have a reason to celebrate your love. Then why not bring them down to your wedding cake just before you fly off to your honeymoon destination. Be it Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal, Potala Palace, Statue of Liberty, or Sphinx of Giza, you have numerous options to get your wedding cake designed to start your new life.
Nature's Galore
Love the nature? Then why leave it in the background? Bring the magnificent scenic views onto your wedding cake to leave your guests spellbound and mouth-opened. Have your wedding cake shaped into trees or mountains with highlights of rivers, ponds, birds, animals, gardens, and reptiles. Use accessories like fountains, sprinklers, swings, bird houses, and benches to add to your picturesque nature cake.

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