Thanksgiving is essentially a harvest festival, but it is symbolic of family values and a general feeling of joy. Explore the importance of thanksgiving for children.

Importance Of Thanksgiving For Children

Thanksgiving is basically a harvest festival celebrated in United States and Canada. It is an important part of their yearly holiday calendar. Most of the holidays in US are either Christian festivals or just major political holidays but Thanksgiving is a major exception to the same, because it is one of the traditions which instead of coming along with the people from the European countries, had risen from the American mainland. The festival poses as the time when families come together and celebrate their unity, family bonds, and traditions. They extend their thankfulness to the almighty for keeping them safe and providing everything they have been given by His grace. Though adults are well aware of the significance of the festival, there is a part of the population which needs to be told what exactly is going on and how important it is to celebrate the festival. Yes, you guessed it right, they are the kids. Kids have to be made aware of the sensitivities and real emotions connected to this festival, so that they can also spread the message and grow up celebrating thanksgiving in true spirit. In the following lines, we have provided information on the importance/significance of thanksgiving for children.
Significance Of Thanksgiving For Kids
Thank You!
The most beautiful of the two word family; “Thank you”. Thanksgiving tells the children that saying a thank you is much important and it means a lot. In this way, it not only instills good faith and sense of satisfaction in children, but also gives them a first glance of manners and discipline. Feeling thankful to god for their good fortunes will also make children have more faith and believe in family traditions, rituals and religion as a whole.
Understanding Life
This can also be an opportunity for adults to show the children the kind of life they lived in their childhood. This will also make the little ones understand the hardships that their parents faced for them to be at the place they are now. Knowing this, children would feel closer to their parents and relatives with a far better sense of belonging. Also, knowing the hardships that life poses ahead in advance would help children to be prepared for everything in life. In any time of life, when problems crop up, children would not feel startled or distressed.
Traditions & Values
Thanksgiving forwards a perfect opportunity to share the past pictures, games and activities that you used to do, with your children. In case the little ones find something attractive and interesting, miss no chance of teaching them the same. This way you would be instilling real traditions and values in the youth. You can also teach them the traditional rituals followed in the thanksgiving, all in a fun and frolic manner.
Educate them about the history behind the celebration. Let them know of the important events of the past which shaped their present. Finally, mention the importance of thanksgiving throughout these years. This will help them see thanksgiving in a different light and also relate to the historical events, when they finally study them.
Thanksgiving is the time of the year when not just close family members, but relatives living far away come together and strengthen the bond of love. This is the perfect time for children to meet their cousins and understand how their family is structured. Some children are only able to meet their grandparents and other relatives at this time of the year, which is a touching experience. Therefore, thanksgiving really fills the children with a wonderful feeling of unique care and sharing.

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