Decorating a Christmas tree with a specific theme can be fun and enjoyable. With this article, discover the different themes for decorating Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Themes

Christmas is approaching soon. Everyone is engrossed with Christmas preparations—cleaning their homes, buying new outfits, cooking traditional Christmas dishes and deserts, and, most of all, decorating the giant Christmas tree. The most important aspect of Christmas celebrations, the Christmas tree is found everywhere in homes, stores and shopping complexes. Hence, decorating it is enjoyed and loved by one and all, whether young or old. With the right tree, ornaments and accessories, you can create a dazzling and stunningly beautiful Christmas tree. While some prefer sticking to the traditional theme, others opt for giving their tree a trendy look. Given here are some Christmas tree themes. Take a peek into the lines below and make your choice.
Christmas Tree Theme Ideas
Snow and Ice Theme
If you wish to go unusual with decorating your Christmas tree, try out this white and icy blue theme instead of the traditional red and green. Start off with placing a garland of novelty lights shaped into icicles or snowflakes. Use see through plastic or crystals decorations to give the appearance of a tree dripping frozen and glittering shapes. Use faux spider webs or cotton shredding for wrapping the tree instead of cotton batten to resemble heavy snow covering the tree boughs. The bough ends can also be mounded with clumps of cotton. Finish off your snowy Christmas tree by spraying it generously with flocking, or simulated snow, available in aerosol cans.
Beachside Theme
Purchase an aqua or light blue colored tree to get the best effect of this theme. However, you can try this out on light orange or pink colored trees as well. Use treasures from the sea, such as seashells, sea horses and starfish to adorn the tree. Little ornaments, like treasure chests, coins, corals, and other glittering trinkets also work wonders. For the garland, use strings of pearls or novelty lights in the shape of seashells or fish. String them all over the tree to enhance the aquatic theme. You can get Santa ornaments revealing Santa getting a tan, or sitting on a beach chair and sipping a cool drink to get a tropical feel.
Red Hot Theme
Bold reds take the cake away when it comes to decorating Christmas trees. Start off with wrapping the tree in red garlands or thin gold garlands. Fill up the tree with red baubles, red bulbs and small golden ornaments. Top up your tree with a large red or gold colored tree topper, preferably a star. Add highlights with red ribbon bows and golden brown ribbons. String white, red or golden colored novelty lights to highlight the hot red theme.
Chocolate and Gold Theme
If you are looking for a trendy and stylish Christmas tree, then a chocolate and gold theme is what you are searching for. For the best effects, use this on a red artificial tree.  The colors that you would be using here are reds, browns and golds. For the lights, get tiny twinkling gold and red colored novelty lights to beautify the tree. Wrap up walnuts, pinecones and chocolates in foil and hang them. For a more goldy touch, use gold coins. Tie large translucent gold and red ribbons, with bendable wire, to the ends of the tree. The result that you produce should be very opulent and luxuriant.
Cocktail Party Theme
This theme can be tried on both big and small trees. Get plastic novelty lights in the shape of Chinese lanterns, chili peppers, and Pink Flamingos, instead of the usual egg shaped lights. Use tiny cocktail parasols and multicolored cocktail picks to decorate the tree. In case you a huge tree, adorn it with plastic champagne glasses that have been embellished with sequins and glitter. For a cuter effect, hang miniature chocolates filled with liquor.

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