Thanksgiving activities for kids should help them have fun, while making them learn something about the festival as well. With this article, explore Thanksgiving activity ideas for children.

Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

Thanksgiving is a harvest festival that is mainly celebrated in the United States and Canada. Similar celebrations take place in the other countries of the world as well, but they are known by other names. With the arrival of Thanksgiving, people get busy in planning festive meals at home, in which the entire family participates and thanks God for all the good things in life. Kids are amongst the most excited lot, as they get to spend time with their cousins and have a lot of fun. In this article, we have listed a few Thanksgiving activities for kids, which you can use to make sure that have a great time on the festive day.
Thanksgiving Activity Ideas For Children
Craft Making
One of the best activities for children, when it comes to Thanksgiving, comprises of craft making. They can make a number of crafts on the day, right from those that revolve around turkey to the ones that can be used as decorations, say a table centerpiece. Children can also make Thanksgiving crafts for their family members and give them as gifts. Be it any reason behind craft making, one thing is for sure - kids will really enjoy doing it.
Playing Games
What can be a better way for kids to enjoy the harvest festival of Thanksgiving, other than playing some fun games? Apart from helping them have a good time, Thanksgiving games also make sure that children stay away from trouble, while the parents are busy in preparing the delicious family feast. Turkey Strut, Thanksgiving Scrabble, Turkey Hunt, and Pumpkin Race are some of the most popular kids’ games.
Watching Movies
After the Thanksgiving feast is over, the best past time for kids comprises of sitting together and watching some great movies. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ is one of the best movies that little children will enjoy, since it is an animation and based around a popular character. Other Thanksgiving movies that might interest them are ‘Mouse on the Mayflower’, ‘Alvin & the Chipmunks: Alvin's Thanksgiving Celebration’, ‘Winnie the Pooh - Seasons of Giving’, and ‘Garfield: Holiday Celebrations’.
Thanksgiving Quiz
Taking part in a Thanksgiving quiz is another interesting activity for the children. Apart from helping them pass some enjoyable moments, such a quiz will also make them learn more about the festival and have an idea about its importance as well. While planning the quiz, make sure to include some fun trivia as well, so that the kids do not get bored while playing it. Do make sure to have a prize for the winner, to keep the kids motivated.
Some More Activities
  • You can help your kids organize a play based on the history of Thanksgiving, which might be presented either before or after the feast.
  • Kids will enjoy decorating the house for the Thanksgiving feast. However, do make sure that the Thanksgiving decorations do not involve the use of items that might harm them.
  • Going on a fun picnic is another one of the Thanksgiving activities that would be loved by kids, no matter the age group to which they belong.

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