Teenage times are real crazy and fun. We bring you some of the coolest teen Halloween party games to spice up your spooky night out.

Teen Halloween Party Games

On the dark spooky night of October 31, go out on the road and you are sure to spot a bunch of like-minded individuals all in a scary avatar. However, don’t get them wrong as these people are not looking for creating trouble or organizing crimes. In fact, they are just looking for the spooks, the scares and the fun. They are young and they are partying - they are "the teens" enjoying Halloween. Funny as it may sound, we all have had our share of freaky and cool Halloween parties. Halloween is all about some creepy music, frenzied look and crazy stuff. However, what’s a good Halloween party without some spooky games! The fun that can be shared on night outs on Halloween night are really special and give you the chills and frills that belong to the genre of horror movies. So what are you waiting for; let the spookies begin. Go through the games given in the following lines and make your party all the more spooky and creepy.
Halloween Party Games For Teenagers
Bobbing For The Goodies
Though the most common game of all, this is especially fun for teens. The usual game is bobbing for the apples, in which a large bucket or container is filled with water and apples are floated in it. Players, whose hands are tied behind their back, try to grab an apple with their teeth! Another version of this game is to try to eat a donut, hanging from string, using only the mouth. Then, there is the gummy worm competition, wherein a plate with gummy worms is hidden between layers of cream on top of the table. The players need to search for the small worms with their faces and then bite them out. With the spooky make-up mixing with loads of cream, this will be fun to watch!
Truth Or Scare
No matter how reluctant you seem to be initially, truth and dare is one game which everyone loves to play. However, since this is the Halloween time, the game calls for some improvisations. For example, instead of spinning a bottle you can spin a fake bone with a skull on one end and instead of simple truths you will be required to dish out our worst fears, scariest nightmares and freaky fantasies. The dares will be renamed as scares and can be based on a scary theme. Make sure no one gets offended or feels left out and everyone is having a fun time.
Monster Makeover
What is a Halloween party without the presence of a monster? For this game, the players can be divided into groups of two, three or four. A bag of assorted items such as false eyelashes, makeup boxes, lipstick, false noses, wigs, and so on should be given to each of the team. Each team will choose a member who would get the make up done and sport the deadly look. Each team should be given about 5-10 minutes to turn the person they are making over into a monstrous-looking creature. The host decides on the winner.
So You Think You Can Scare
You think you got the guts to get through some of the most horrific stories without flinching? Think you are the ultimate ghost buster material? Let us check it out. Let’s see how long you can keep hearing about ghosts and not get scared at all. There are two ways to do this. The old one is to tell a story in turn. However, this can get a bit boring for some. As such, you can try the more creative version wherein the host can start a story by starting with a single line as the base of the story. The next person then adds the next line which is followed by another line by another person and so on. Keep going in circles taking turns till the story finishes.
Monsters’ Ball
This is going to be real fun as the game involves music and dance, something both the teen monsters and witches enjoy. You can allow monsters to pair up as per their wishes and ask them to pick a chit from a lot which will tell them what version of dance they have to do. This can range from ballroom, tango, salsa to modern b-boying. For more fun, add some rules to each category and some tips. This will not just be funny to watch, but cool to participate too. Watch your b-boying friend tune to the steps of a ballroom dance, dressed as a Frankenstein, holding a freaky looking witch. Now, that’s what we call Halloween!

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