You don’t want to go wrong in any aspect in the most important day of your life — wedding. Read on to know how to choose wedding stationery.

How To Choose Wedding Stationery

Wedding is probably the most important day of your life. The time from the proposal and the “I do” phase is the most magical and in all probability the most hectic part of your life. Everything from centerpieces to flower arrangement and from the place you will say, “I do” to your wedding gown is selected with paramount concern. You don’t want anything to go wrong on the D-day and so you don’t leave anything to others. However there are some things which will not only make this day special to you but to others too and one such thing is wedding stationery. However, most people think of choosing wedding stationery as simple as picking it from a store and heading to the post office to drop them. If you think wedding stationery just means sending out the invitation, you cannot be more wrong. Actually wedding stationery is a pooled term for all the printed materials required for the wedding. Although it may look a very insignificant part of your wedding fiscal plan, a nice well-planned wedding stationery can easily set your wedding from ordinary to exquisite. The aim of wedding stationery is to provide the useful info to your guests and while you’re selecting stationeries, you need to keep them in mind. Written below are the list of different wedding stationeries and how to choose them properly.
Tips for Choosing Wedding Stationery
Save The Date
If you are getting married in a very popular time of the year, like in holidays or in the festival season, then you need to send the save the date cards for the people to save the date for your wedding. It is generally sent well in advance from six months to one year. However, make sure to send these cards to people whom you really want to attend your wedding.
Wedding Invitation
The most important item of wedding stationery is invitation. These invitations come in various shapes, sizes, and forms and choosing them can easily be overwhelming. However, it’s better to stick to the theme of your wedding while you are choosing the wedding invitation. It should reflect the mood and style and the color scheme of your wedding. For example, if you have chosen an elegant and formal wedding, a scroll invitation card with a gold paper and an elegant font will be a good option.
RSVP Cards
You need to send the response card probably with the invitation card, to know whether your guests will be attending the ceremony or not. It may also include meal preference, that is vegetarian or non-vegetarian and any other choices. It should be as the same theme as that of the wedding invitation. However, make sure that you are choosing the right font, which is not difficult to comprehend.
Information Sheet
It is just what it suggests! A sheet filled with all the information about the wedding from the hotel choice, order of the day, dress code if any, and what time the event will finish. However, it is not a necessary part of the wedding stationery and completely depends on your preference.
Evening Invitation
Again, this is not a necessary part of a wedding stationery. However, if you are inviting some people just for the evening reception and not for the wedding ceremony, you can include evening invitation for them. It mostly includes work-colleagues and far-off relatives.
Order Of Service
These are generally for the people who are marrying in a church as these include the order in which the service would be provided. It generally times everything from the time the bride will enter the church to the benediction.
Place Cards
These are the cards guiding the guest to their seat according to the seating arrangement. You can very much experiment with these place cards, as it can be anything from a tent-fold to a personalized homemade key ring. Make sure that the place card matches with the theme of the wedding and adds a dash of beauty to the table.
Thank You Card
These are sent after your wedding to thank the guests for attending the wedding. It should reflect your gratitude and the happiness their attendance gave you. You can even personalize it by adding a wedding photograph on it.

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