Summer is a perfect time for getting married and not without good reason. So if you’re thinking of saying, “I do” in summer, here are some tips and ideas for planning a summer wedding.

Summer Weddings Ideas

The popular saying, “if you get married in June, you will be a bride for the rest of your life,” is not only popular because it’s believed that Juno (the Goddess) blesses the June bride, but also because the month falls in the most popular wedding season, summer. The joyous union of two people becomes all the more romantic with the perfect blue sky, fragrant blooming garden and the sweet smelling gust of wind coming from the sea. So, if you’ve decided to get married in the warmth and sunshine of this season, here are some ideas which will make your wedding extra special to you and memorable to all the people related to you. Read on and explore the best summer wedding ideas.
Tips For Planning A Summer Wedding
The Setting
When it comes to setting, summer offers you more range than any other season. If you want an outdoor wedding, you can go for beach, garden or a beautiful yard. With the long days of summer, you can have afternoon wedding or say your vows during the sun set. Set a time that is not too hot, as the heat and humidity can ruin the perfect setting. Complete the setting with a décor that has bright colors to boast of. Combine the decoration with fruits and flowers, the specialty of this season. For the color palette, choose soft soothing tones, like pink, cream, sky blue, light orange, etc.
The Dresses
Summer brings lots of colors with it. You can go for bright hues for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. For the bride, choose from a range of designs from sleeveless, strapless to slip-on. As for colors, stick either to the traditional white or go for pink, cream, sky blue and other pastel shades. The fabric shouldn’t be too heavy or such that makes you uncomfortable. Light fabrics, like georgette, crepe, linen, chiffon or light silk, will be great. In terms of makeup, go for matte finish and light makeup. Soft bronzes, gold and tans are some of the options. An up do for the hair, with a flower or a crown of flowers, will make you look like an angel. For the groom and groomsmen, dark blazer with khaki slacks or simple light colored suits will be a good option.
The Flowers
There is such a wide variety of flowers available in the market that you will have a hard time choosing which ones to go for. If you have a certain theme for the wedding, then it will be easy for you to narrow down on a particular flower. Otherwise, you have the range starting from roses, lilies, poppies and daisies and going up to sunflowers. Choose the flowers keeping in mind the setting, the decoration which you want and the color palette. You can even pair your favorite flowers with seasonal fruits, for the décor.
The Food
Food is one of the most important things that can make your wedding the talk of the town. If you’re having a beach party, incorporate lobsters, oysters and other sea-food in your menu. For a backyard wedding, you can add a barbeque or picnic food or smoked salmon or caviar, if you want it formal. Decide on whether you want a sit-down dinner or a buffet. However, whatever you decide, don’t forget to add wine to your menu, which is vital in summers. If you want to keep the wine for after-party, include sorbets and granitas in between courses. Do make sure to serve a lighter fare, suitable for summer.
Wedding Favors
It is very important to decide on the favors you want to give your guests. Depending on your budget and setting, you can go from scented candles to flip flops to something more eco-friendly, like plants potted in colorful vases. Keep in mind the general taste and preferences of the guests in mind.
Keep In Mind The Weather
The setting of you summer wedding should completely be ruled by the weather. If the weather is too hot, having an outdoor wedding is a bad idea. However, even if you’re having an indoor wedding, don’t forget to provide heat relief. It’s essential for even outdoor weddings. Provide tents and set up areas to pass beverages at the venue.
Planning Is The Key
Plan well beforehand and book the venue much before the wedding. Summer is a very busy season, as most of the people want to get married around this time only. So, getting a venue of your wish may become difficult, if you don’t plan early. Even if you hire a wedding planner, don’t just leave everything to them. After all, it’s your wedding. Furthermore, send the wedding invitation well before the party, to get your wedding marked in everyone’s calendar. Check out the venue and the people you’re inviting. Make sure that there is enough space to move and it doesn’t look cluttered. 

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