Roses of different colors are known to have unique meanings. Explore this article to know the meaning & symbolism of different rose colors.

Roses: Color Meaning And Symbolism

There is an old saying that "flowers are the truest language of love." Every flower looks like it has an epic story to tell and it may be the reason why they have been chosen as the evergreen symbol of love. From the dark days of crusades and witchcrafts to today’s gadget filled rational era, roses are still the reigning winners when it comes to romance. It is an age-old tradition that romantic couples all over the world, exchange roses on Valentine’s Day. People consider rose as a divine vehicle of their love, which has the magic to represent the fragrance of their love to their sweetheart. Roses are available primarily in eight colors - red, yellow, white, pink, purple, orange, blue, and black. It is believed that each of these colors carries a unique symbolic meaning. Read on to know all about the color, meaning, and symbolism of roses.
Meaning & Symbolism Of Rose Colors
Red roses always represent romance and love. Nobody can argue against the power and authenticity of red rose in symbolizing romance. It is believed that red rose symbolically, says that true love is stronger than thorns. There are slightly differences in the red color of roses. Among them, cardinal red shows sublime desire, while amaranth red symbolizes long-standing desire. Carmine red roses stand for deceitful desire and fiery red is for flames of passion.
From time to time, the meaning of yellow roses has kept on changing. Yellow rose symbolized jealousy in the Victorian times, but today it is seen as a symbol of friendship. Nowadays, people believe that the bright, sunny color of yellow roses motivate warmth and affection in people.
White roses symbolize purity, humility, and innocence and are also considered as the bridal roses. It is basically associated with young age, marriages and new beginnings in countries like Scotland. It also represents loyalty and platonic love . It is even known as the rose of confession and the rose of servitude. White rose is a symbol of honor and reverence as well, and its arrangements are often utilized as an expression of remembrance.
Pink rose symbolizes feminity, elegance, refinement, and gentility and it also carries other deep meaning, depending on its hue. While pale pink shades convey grace and admiration, deep shades convey appreciation and gratitude. Pink rose also has seen as the symbol of joyfulness and it is called as the rose of sweet thoughts.
Purple color is mystical in its nature and the symbolism of purple rose is attached to enchantment and desire. It also symbolizes that it is time to proceed with extra care. In that sense, it can be used as a warning too.
Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and desire, due to their warm and vibrant color tone. Giving orange rose is a fantastic way to express your admiration and attraction, with an undercurrent of excitement and passion.
Black roses are considered as a bad omen in some cultures. They are also used as a way to express the death of fixed ideas or outdated and baseless thoughts. These roses even signify rejuvenation on the horizon. They are not considered as a good gift in any culture in the world.

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