Nothing can be more fun in childhood days than the summer camps, which require a whole lot of packing. Read on to explore tips on how to pack for summer camp.

How To Pack For Summer Camp

Summer camp, a word filled with fun activities! Summer camps not only provide a break from the monotonous daily life and an escape from the scorching heat; it is actually the time for your kids to live on their own, away from home. It is a mixed feeling of homesickness and rejoices for your kiddo. You remember your summer camp experience, don't you? And you also want your child to have the same magical experience that you have had in your childhood. In addition, if your child is going to a summer camp for the first time, you may be feeling uneasy about letting him/her go all alone. However, instead of being hesitant, you need to brace this opportunity, to help your child experience this magic and learn to be independent. And what better way to help your kid than by assisting him/her in packing for the fun-filled camp. What more, it may even alleviate your apprehensions a little. So, go through the tips given below and know how to pack for a summer camp.
Summer Camp Packing Tips 
  • Know the type of camp your kid is going to attend. Even the camp, sometimes, recommends the types of clothing and bedding required, apart from special items, if any.
  • Invest in a duffle bag or a wheel bag. Remember that the bag should be easy to carry for your child.
  • You should also put a name-sticker of your child on the bag and on all the clothes as well. Otherwise, they could get misplaced, what with so many kids living at the same place.
  • It is always good to pack well in advance. However, you can even let your child pack and assist him/her to do it in a better way. Not only will it help him/her know where all the things have been kept, but your child will also learn how to pack on his/her own.
  • Pack enough clothes to last all the days the camp is running. Don’t except yoru kid to wash clothes. You can also provide a bag where he/she can keep the dirty clothes, separate from the clean ones.
  • Check the weather of the camping area and pack accordingly. It is always good to pack some light woolen clothes, in case your child feels cold. Pack swimming suit and rain gear too.
  • Pack all the toiletries in a separate bag. It should have everything, right from the toothpaste, toothbrush and comb to soaps, shampoos and creams. Make sunscreen an essential object of the toiletries.
  • You can even provide some medicines, labeling them according to their use, if your child is more than 12 years old. However, make that sure the camping administrator knows that your child is carrying medicines.
  • Disposable cameras make an ideal companion for your child on the camp. It is also a good way to make your child creative.
  • Provide a laminated card to your kid, with your home phone number, emergency phone numbers, and cell phone numbers written on it. Tape it to the inside of the travel bag.
  • Supply your kid with torches and a flashlight as well. Don’t forget to keep the batteries as well. You can also keep an extra set, if the space allows.
  • Pack bug spray, toilet paper rolls, band-aids, anti-mosquito ointments, and anti-itch gel etc, with the bag. You can also pack an emergency alarm for your kid.

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