The ideas for a bonfire night party, listed in this article, are sure to do away with your initial hiccups & help you have a blast. Read on to get some tips to help you throw a great bonfire party.

Ideas For A Bonfire Night Party

A few wood sticks, luscious food basket, peppy music and a bunch of fun enthusiasts is all that you need to have a great, pulsating bonfire party. Enough of reading the delights of a bonfire party in ‘secret seven’ and ‘famous five’ novels - it’s time to experience one. While having a blast within the confinements of a house, garden or discotheque is common, be a little different this time and plan a bonfire party. The party is a great way to explore the beauty of nature and have an enthralling time (and of course with no confinements). However, there is a list of do’s and don’ts that you should follow, while throwing a bonfire party. Like any other party, even a bonfire party requires initial preparation. In the following lines, we have provided ideas for a bonfire party that would, without a doubt, ensure an enigmatic and unforgettable party for you.
Tips For A Great Bonfire Party 
  • The first step would be to decide the date and time of the party. It is very important that the invitees be free on the day the party is being organized. Since it’s a bonfire party, ideally the time for the party would be late night.
  • Next consideration is the venue of the party. While beach is the most preferable location for the same, you can also have the party in your backyard i.e. if you have the space. Keep in mind that the location you chose should be a clear one, with loads of space.
  • Safety is another issue you need to think about, while selecting the location and time of the party. Make sure that there are no electric wires running on top or electric poles standing nearby the venue. If it’s a unisex party, make sure that the place is safe at nights, especially for women.
  • A bonfire party does not require decoration or ornamentation. However, there would be no harm if you have a few balloons and strip paper around. They would make the place brighter and much more vibrant.
  • To give an aesthetic look to the whole premises, have traditional cushions around. Apart from looking artistic, it would also add the much needed comfort quotient to the place.
  • As for the dress code, keep it absolutely casual and sporty. Slogan tees, coupled with rugged jeans completes the look. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that the party is around a fire. So, be simple and you’ll be safe.
  • Having a couple of games in the party would be a great way to break the ice and start it with a bang. So, whether it is playing dumb charades, telling some spooky stories, playing truth and dare or Chinese whisper, you are sure have loads of fun and frolic in your bonfire night party.
  • When you think of party, food is the first thing that strikes your mind. The best bet would be to prepare some delicious, lip smacking dishes so that guests can have a great time. No bonfire party can be complete unless you have baked potato that is cooked over the bonfire. Think of a simple recipe in advance that does not need a lot of ingredients.
  • Food and music are the heart and soul of a party. While you have thought of the former, its now the time to think about the latter. No party is complete without music and when it’s a bonfire party, the importance of music is quite high. Install a music system in the place, so that you can have pulsating tracks to pep up the energy levels.
  • A bonfire will look even more special if all the party goers are musically talented. There can be nothing better than a live performance. Ah, the delight of talented singer catching the notes of a rhythmic electric guitarist, coupled with some excellent food! Enticing, isn’t it!!

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