You can make your disco party extremely rocking with the help of the ideas given below. Read onto know the ideas for disco parties.

Ideas For Disco Parties

Disco is a rocking theme for any party. It actually defines the fun and excitement that is expected from a real bash. Usually a disco party expresses the passion of 70s, when the disco was at its peak. In effect, a disco party is mostly arranged as per the trend prevalent during 70s. However, along with this, one can always incorporate fresh ideas to make the party appear more conventional and chic. As disco parties are incomplete without glitz and glamour, make sure there is plenty of scintillating lights around, coupled with foot - tapping numbers.
Disco Party Ideas
  • At the entry, you can place a cutout of a former hero dressed in a Disco gear. This will encourage your guests for the action.
  • Ask your guests to come dressed in costume to exude the fervor.
  • Remember that dancing is the key to any good disco party, so make sure you have ample of space and peppy music. Try to arrange for a lighted dance floor, which would add zing to your party.
  • Hang a mirrored ball from the ceiling in the center of the room, above the dance floor. You can even make your own mirrored ball, using old compact discs. Along with this, position spotlights in the corners of the room focused at the mirrored ball at strategic angles.
  • Make sure the dance floor is well lit but the rest of the party room should be relatively dim. You can also have some beanbags on the floor for leisure hangout.
  • When your guests arrive, direct them towards refreshments and the dance floor.
  • Offer some great drinks to set the mood of the party, such as tequila sunrise, the Harvey Wallbanger and the piña colada. Also have a jug of ice-cold Chablis handy.
  • Make sure you have some disco mixes ready in advance. The music should be upbeat.
  • You can even encourage group dances such as the hustle and the funky chicken.

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