Ever since its emergence, disco dance moves continue to be performed in clubs and parties. With this article, learn more about the moves and styles of disco dance.

Disco Dance Moves

With the release of the film “Saturday Night Fever” in 1977, disco became a worldwide phenomenon. Besides portraying John Travolta’s carefree grooves in the disco, the film showcased the subculture in the disco era with symphony-orchestrated melodies, haute-couture style of clothing as well as pre-AIDS sexual promiscuity. With the film’s huge commercial success, disco became a household name and broadened its base from the primary gay and black population. Disco, as a genre of dance music originated as a revolt by New York City’s gays, blacks and Latin heterosexuals against the domination of rock music and swayed the world in the 70s era. However, July 1979 saw the disco demolition night riot in the United States, which was an angry backlash against disco culture and with it, doomed the fate of this genre of music. Disco dance involves a variety of formats and can be performed solo or with a partner or group. This article provides an insight into several disco dance moves.
Disco Dance Styles
Disco dance can be performed both with a partner or solo. A solo dance form is known as freestyle. A freestyle dance style varies from individual to individual and a lot depends on the body type and the environment where the dance is being performed. Back catch is a solo disco move which is sort of a rapid arabesque from ballet and is not easy to perform. Other solo moves include splits, jumps, cross-kicks and illusions. Partnered disco dance style is a combination of both ballroom and swing dance movement. Pattern based line dances look stunning when performed in full coordination. Below mentioned are some of the popular disco dance moves. Read on and get dancing!
Popular Disco Dance Moves
Being one of the most common disco moves, all it takes is to move your hand up and down, with the index finger pointing out. Your hip movements should coordinate with that of your hands. First of all, place your feet a shoulder length away. Now, when your hips are pointing left, lift your right hand up tilting it to the right with the index finger pointing out. Then put your right hand down, tilt your hips to the right and raise your left hand the same way.
You play any disco song and this dance move would fit into it. It is performed on eight beats. First keep your feet away at a shoulder’s distance. Then, shift your body weight on the right foot. Crossing the left foot over, you need to touch your toe to the floor with a tap. Allow your arm to swing naturally across the body. Now, bring your left foot back to parallel and let the right arm swing down. Keeping the entire body weight on the left foot, repeat the entire step. Groove your body with the beat, like a king.
Electric Slide
The move involves taking four steps to the right, touching the left foot placed just next to the right one and clapping on the last step. Now repeat the step by taking four steps to the left and touching your right foot. Now, move back by four steps and step on your right foot, then left and then right again and touch your left foot and clap at the end. Step ahead, moving your left foot forward. Tap the right toe at the left heel and again clap at the end. Now step backward with your right foot, tap your left foot at the right heel and clap all over again. You require repeating the entire sequence again and then stepping forward with your left foot, tapping the right toe at the left heel and clapping at the end. Now you have to move back with your right foot, tap the left foot at the right heel and clap again. While you take your left foot ahead, turn at a quarter angle to the left, and hop at the end.

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