If you thought dancing in a party is not your cup of tea, read on to know a few party dance moves. Just get hold of the steps listed in this article and become a party freak.

Party Dance Moves

Party is synonymous with fun and is all about enjoying every moment thoroughly. Be it an office party or your own birthday bash, parties are all about letting your guards off and socially mixing with the crowd. And what better way to break the ice than dance? If you have never been on to the dance floor before, do not panic. Party dance is seldom about showing your sizzling dancing abilities. Instead, it is all about losing your inhibitions and getting along with the rest and enjoying to the brim. This article provides you with a few party dance moves to get jazzed up and started.
Party Dance Steps
The Bus Stop
If you thought you were too stiff to dance, this is one party dance move you can try. Nothing is easier than this—you can see for yourself. All you need to do is step side wards along with the beat. To distract your inhibitions, you can keep talking to your partner while doing this dance move. And if you think, this is getting monotonous, add on a few turns to spice it up. To perform this dance move, first take a right step to your right. Then place your left foot just beside the right one. Now, when you take another step to the right, touch your right foot with the left one. Keep repeating the same steps by alternating your feet time to time. This is what the basic bus stop dance move is all about.
If you wish to insert a bit of variety, try the suggested moves. Once you complete the steps with the left foot, put your right heel forward. Now, put your right leg straight behind, continuously tapping the toe on the ground. Now, with the help of your right toe, step forward and take a sharp but smooth 90 degree turn to your right. Now, cross your left leg in front of the right one. Let your right toe point out to the right side. Repeat the same step with your other leg now. A slightly spiced up version of the bus stop dance move, this is sure to help you be in sync with the party goers.
Although quite an old party dance move, you just cannot keep off it when you are at the dance floor. To perform Macarena, extend your right hand out with the palm facing downwards. The same needs to be done with your left hand. Now again, place the right hand just in front of you, and this time let the palm face outwards. Place the left hand just beside your right in the same manner. Place your right hand on the left shoulder now and at the very next beat, place your left hand on your right shoulder.
Now, place your right hand at the back of your right ear and your left hand behind your left ear. With the next two consecutive beats, place your right hand on the right side of the hip and the left hand on the left side of the hip. Now sway your hip to the right first and then left. Let both your hands’ position remain on your hips. At the end, jump to your right and repeat all the steps. A simple way to jazz the party place, even after having two left feet!  
Soulja Boy
This is a hip hop party dance move, quite popular globally. To perform this dance, you first need to bend your knees and jump in the air. While you are landing on the ground , remember to cross your right foot over the left. Now, kick your left foot straight behind you and let your right hand touch the ball of your foot. Once your left foot returns back to the initial position, put your right and then left shoulder forward and then lower down your torso maintaining a 90 degree angle.
The ball of your right foot should touch out in front of you, then moved to the right and then popped up and down to the side. The next half of the Soulja Boy dance move is about flying like a Superman. First, put both your hands together in a diving position and push your hands outward, keeping your right leg cocked behind you and get the feel of a flying like how Superman does. Let your arms push your way through. Keeping your feet apart, first hop to the left and then right three times. Angle your arms like a boxer and blend well to the overall set. Once this is done, repeat the entire dance sequence in the opposite direction.  
Bunny Hop Dance
Isn’t it delightful to see the entire crowd on the floor jumping around like bunnies? Bunny Hop is a fun party dance move and just anyone can perform this dance without fail. The steps are really simple and no special dancing ability is required to get on the dance floor to perform this dance. It is a line dance and performed with a large group of people. In order to begin performing this dance move, first all the participants must stand one behind the other with their hands firmly placed around the hips of the person in front of them.
At the very first beat of the song, kick your right foot out and then smoothly place it down on the ground tapping your heel. Now, repeat the step with the same foot, raising it higher this time. Alternate the foot and do the same two steps on two consecutive beats. With the next beat, put both your feet together and hop forward. Now, with the next beat, hop backward in the same manner. Again, hop backwards two times on the beats that follow. Although the dance moves are simple, coordination is extremely important while performing this dance and a lot depends on the one who is leading the dance.

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