Do all those flashy and exciting moves on television and films provoke you to learn breakdancing? Want to perform these moves yourself? Check this article to find instructions on how to breakdance.

How To Breakdance

Cool, hip-hop dudes performing acrobatic, hot moves on the dance floor strikes one thing in our mind - breakdance. These are the ingredients required to perform breakdance accurately. A dance form developed from the hip-hop culture in the United States, breakdance, also known as b-boying and breaking, has rapidly spread to other parts of the world as well. While the dancers mostly dance to the hip-hop music, other genres of music too are used for displaying this dance style, provided that the beats are in sync with the breakdance steps. A person who performs breakdance is called a b-boy, b-girl or breaker. So, are you game for learning how to breakdance? Well, glance through the lines below to find instructions for performing the basic moves of breakdancing. Happy breakdancing! 
Breakdancing Moves
The 6-step
Position yourself in a push-up position and using your arms, push your legs into the air as high as possible. While your legs fall back, stand up with the legs at shoulder width distance. Lift up your right hand and place your left hand to the right hand’s position. Position your right leg behind the left knee and point your right hand into the air. Step forward with your left foot and bend down with your right hand with your back facing the floor and knees bent. Step the right foot in front of the left one and lift the left foot while balancing on the right arm and left foot. Place the right foot under the left one and bring back the left hand onto the ground to be positioned in the push-up pose again.
Face the ground balancing on your hands and feet. Keep your body straight. Bend one leg and raise the other straight in the air. Close your hands together on one side moving your body from the waist. Using the bent leg, jump and roll to the other leg. Come back to the start position.
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While placing your hands on the floor, bend one leg and straighten the other. Pass the straight leg underneath the bend leg and hands. Continue spinning till you complete a round. Position your legs together and then, spin on your buttocks till you stop.
Position yourself on the ground on your back by balancing on your hands and legs above your head. Make sure that the hands are just above your head. Kick in the air with your legs while using your hands to push forward. End the step by standing straight on your feet.
  • Kneel down on one knee with the other in the air. Place your left elbow on the side of the raised knee and the right elbow on your hip. While transferring your weight on the hands or elbows, roll on your hands balancing yourself.
  • Kneel on both your knees and place your right elbow into your right hip. Similarly, position your left elbow into your right knee. Transfer your weight onto the right side of your body. While your hands touch the floor, balance your body by lifting it up. If possible, try balancing on your head as well.

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