Is everyone around you crazed about raves? If yes, navigate through this article to learn more about rave dance moves.

Rave Dance Moves

Is everybody around you raving about raves? Would attending a rave party equate to crossing out one of the hundred things you wish to do before you die? Or do you simply want to pick up some of the craziest rave dance moves while bob your head and drown in the depths of the music. Rave parties are set apart by their original electronic music, psychedelic laser lighting, artificial fog and unique ambience. Invigorated rave dancers are seen hopping and kicking around in ecstasy to the exhilarating house and trance beats. Rave parties carry an infamous reputation of being invariably linked to drugs and illicit substance consumption. However, as far as the music and enticing rave dances are concerned, stumbling upon a rave party is not a bad idea. As long as you rehearse a couple of rave dance moves, you are guaranteed to blend in like the breeze. God forbid, you go un-rehearsed; you won’t last beyond three and a half minutes. This article will provide good insight with regards to the variety of dance moves that dominate the rave party scene. 

Rave Dancing Steps 

Melbourne Shuffle
Hip Hop dancers are likely to learn the ‘Melbourne shuffle’ a lot faster than the rest. Nonetheless, one should never confuse hip-hop dancing with that of rave. Upper body movement should be kept to the bare minimum and the dancer should focus on his or her arms swaying in natural walking motion. A flat-footed, stomping dance, the relaxed dance steps are arbitrarily juxtaposed with pirouettes depending on the tempo of the music.  The dancer usually faces a single direction before whirling around. 

Apple Picking Move
This is one of the more popular and very easy-to-learn moves. All you have to do is visualize yourself plucking apples from a tall tree. Raise your arms high up in the air and drop them down. Synchronize this movement with that of your feet. Improvise and wobble your head in conjunction with the music and before you know it, you’re lost in the brilliance of the music. Note that if you had to see your own reflection, you’d confuse yourself for a maniac. That’s the beauty of a rave party. They don’t judge you by the way you move, they judge your inhibitions to move.

House Stepping
Ideal for house music, house stepping invites you to continuously lift your feet up and down to the steady beats of the song as you tilt your elbows and raise your arms. These moves often resemble Latin dance or Tap dance moves and are a lot of fun to practice! So, have fun and surrender to music!

Liquid Dance Movement
One of the tougher rave dance moves, the liquid dance movement is preferable for those with flexible bodies. An upbeat adaption of the traditional breakdancing, this dance move involves extreme popping, locking and electric boogaloo. So as to not look too mechanical, loosen up your body and let it 'flow' along with the music. Masters of this technique are often compared to octopuses for their amazing flexibility. ‘Builds’ and ‘splits’ are also techniques used when learning how to rave dance liquid style. 

Jump Style
Hop around, kick around and wave your hands to the side. Mark your territory and avoid bumping into crowds. Start by hopping on your right foot and kick the left straight into the air. Pull your left foot back towards you and repeat the above movement. Swap your feet and perform the move by hopping on the left foot. Keep repeating this enthralling sequence. 

Pick up a few neon glow sticks, either battery operated or chemically activated and hold them in your hand and dance. A glowstick dancer generally employs the liquid dance moves. While some talented people juggle around or swirl around with their glowsticks. Quite the visual extravagance! Jugglers attach the glow sticks to the ends of thin chords and spin to create wheels of light in the air timed to the music. This phenomenon is popularly referred to as “poi”.

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