Learning pop and lock dance is pretty easy and can be started off with various types of pop and lock dance moves. Explore this article to know how to do popping and locking dance.

How To Pop And Lock

“Can I learn how to pop and lock?” “How to pop and lock like Michael Jackson?” Do these questions keep concerning you about your ability to learn this dance style? Pop and lock dance is as easy as walking on a paved road for some, while for others it may seem like winning a battle. Pop and lock dancing is a cluster of two different styles: popping and locking. Popping is defined as “creating explosive muscle movements by contracting and releasing specific muscles” while locking can be termed as “temporary freezing after a series of fast dance moves”. Hence, the jerking effects created by the body in the dance are the pop, while the unexpected freezes in between them are the locks. Continue reading to find different dance moves that can help you learn pop and lock dance.
Popping And Locking Dance Moves
  • To start off with, walk as though you are moving from one frame to another. Add some slight pauses after every couple inches of movement known as “animation”. These steps resemble a stop motion film or some old animated shorts.
  • Next, try out the boogaloo. It is a loose and fluid style, giving the impression of the dancer lacking bones. Body parts, such as the hips, knees and head, are rolled in unnatural movements like separating the rib cage from the hip.
  • Now switch to dime stopping. It is a technique of dancing normally and stopping suddenly. The more rapid the move appears, the better it is to look at. Pause for a moment and continue dancing as usual.
  • Start moving faster than normal to create the “fast forwarding” move. The concept behind this move is similar to what movies look like when they are played on a fast forward mode.
  • Continue dancing in a continuous and flowing liquid-like motion to exhibit a dance style called liquid dancing. While doing so, concentrate on the fingers, hands and arms. Complement it with waving.
  • Do a puppet dance by imitating as though you have been tied to strings. This step can either be done alone or with a partner acting as your puppet master pulling the strings.
  • Repeat the animation style by adding a few very small pauses expressing yourself under a strobe light. The moves should be softer and frequent than the original animation style.
  • Pop twice as faster as normal to show out the ticking style. Since this step is a bit tiring, it is performed for a very short period at one time.
  • Try creating the art of Ancient Egypt by creating geometric shapes and movements in your dance moves. This move is known as tutting, named after King Tut and usually includes creating right angles.
  • Create the vibrating style by tensing your muscles hard. They should be hard enough to shake or vibrate to bring out the style in a sophisticated manner.
  • Waving is yet another step that you can incorporate into your pop and lock dance. Create a number of fluid movements reflecting waves traveling throughout your body. Combine it with liquid dancing for a chic look.
  • Finally, give gliding, floating and sliding a try. These combine to give the illusion of a person moving in one direction while the body moves in another. For example, float smoothly across the floor or walk in a forward position while depicting your body is moving in unexpected directions.
  • Last but not the least, enact the crazy legs step by moving your legs very quickly. Twist your feet every now and then combined with knee rolls.

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