Welcome the 21st birthday with some famous quotes and sayings. Be it for you or your loved ones, check out these 21st birthday quotes that fit the occasion perfectly.

21st Birthday Quotes

The touch of the 21st birthday simply indicates that a person is due to enter an important phase of his/her life. Considered to be one of the most special moments of life, a person learns to become more responsible towards achieving his/her dreams and goals of life. The 21st age pushes him to enter a half-filled glass, where s/he has to decide his/her own perceptions in life and work on them individually. So, on this great occasion of the 21st birthday, what better than quotes and sayings can be to gift yourself or your near and dear ones. Given here are some famous inspirational and funny sayings that you can include in your greeting cards or use them as text messages for mobile phones. Do take a look!
21st Birthday Sayings
  • When a man is tired of life on his 21st birthday it indicates that he is rather tired of something in himself. - F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Live as long as you may. The first twenty years are the longest half of your life. - Robert Southey
  • Finally 21, and legally able to do everything I've been doing since 15. - Anonymous
  • At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment. - Benjamin Franklin
  • The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. - Muhammad Ali
  • All that we lack at birth, all that we need when we come to man's estate, is the gift of education. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, but it's up to you to merit the face you have at fifty. - Coco Chanel
  • When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished a how much he had learned in seven years. - Mark Twain
  • At the age of twenty, we don't care what the world thinks of us; at thirty, we worry about what it is thinking of us; at forty, we discover that it wasn't thinking of us at all. - Anonymous
  • From birth to age eighteen, a girl needs good parents. From eighteen to thirty-five, she needs good looks. From thirty-five to fifty-five, she needs a good personality. From fifty-five on, she needs good cash. - Sophie Tucker
  • You were born an original. Don't die a copy. - John Mason
  • Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new. - Sammy Hagar
  • Each ten years of a man's life has its own fortunes, its own hopes, its own desires. - Goethe
  • My heart is like a singing bird... Because the birthday of my life is come, my love is come to me. - Christina Rossetti
  • The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything. - Oscar Wilde
  • The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left. - Jerry M. Wright

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