The 21st birthday opens the doors to adulthood. Explore the article below to know 21st birthday party ideas.

21st Birthday Ideas

Like milestones marking one’s life, the 21st birthday can be described as the third significant event after the 16th and 18th birthday. The beauty of the 21st birthday is that hereafter the person leaves his adolescence behind to enter adulthood. So, it demands a celebration that must be remembered all through his life. This “coming of age” party should be as different as possible from the other birthdays, as a person reaching this landmark becomes free from the bondage of parental consent, legally. Leave the drinks, food, girls, and birthday caps behind and check out some ideas where you can have a radically different, memorable, and enjoyable 21st birthday. 
21st Birthday Party Ideas 

Play Paintball 21-A-Side
Take 21 of your family members including your relatives and 21 friends and stack them against each other to play paintball. Let the winner, if it is anyone other than you; be then chased by the rest with paintball. You can also have a smaller group and then play can against each other. Make sure that after you and your friends have been splashed with all the colors, you take loads of photographs for keepsake. 

Birthday Party On A Hot Air Balloon
If people can marry on a hot air balloon why can’t you have a birthday party on it? True, you can take only a limited number of people with you but that’s the best party you will ever have. Take some of your closest friends and family members and then ride in the balloon to cut your cake at 10000 feet. You won’t have the pleasure of blowing out your candle due to the wind but you can take an electronic candle instead and keep the switch in your hand. 

Excursion Into The Sea
Hire a yacht and go deep-sea fishing. Party on the boat and go swimming, diving or explore barren islands. Give a price for the largest catch. You can also have a pirate theme with every one dressed as pirates.

Theme Party
This is the most traditional idea for birthday celebration so use outrageous themes to spice up your party. Egyptian, Halloween, mask or Masquerade Ball are all passé, the in-thing are aliens, cowboys, star trek and pirates. Imagine a bunch of pirates or a crowd of aliens creating mayhem to honor a particular one among them, right in the middle of civilization! 

Be A Chef
Don the chef’s toque and treat your friends to a great meal. Barbeque, outdoor cooking is a very informal and great way to celebrate your special day. If cooking is not your forte then you can hire a chef who can rustle up a wonderful meal.

A Day In The Vineyards
Wine tasting sessions are provided by almost all the vineyards. So, if you have a vineyard in your town or if you have the pocket to take your friends to another place, then a day spent at the vineyards can be a memorable experience. A small picnic with a variety of wines and cheese, in the lap of nature, the sweet aroma of ripening grapes will leave you and your friends with a memory that you will cherish forever.

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