The words chosen for birthday party invitation card should reflect the fun and nature of the party. Read on further to get ideas on what to write on birthday invitation cards.

Birthday Invitations Wording Ideas

Using the right words is important for your birthday invitation card. Though most of us feel that it is a simple task, it is only when we start writing the cards that we realize how difficult it is to pen the ideas. Birthday invitation wordings need to be simple, easy to understand and innovative. Most importantly, the words should convey significant information like the venue, time and theme of the party, along with the name of the person who is celebrating his birthday. Birthday wordings can include phrases and poems as well. However, make sure that whatever you write is easy to comprehend and not complex in nature, else people might not understand your message. You can also give instructions on the kind of dress the guests are supposed to wear in case of a theme party. Use vivid color combination and attractive text fonts and styles to make your birthday card invitation attractive. In case you are wondering what to write on birthday party invitation cards, this article would be of help. In the following lines, we have provided birthday invitation wording ideas.
Birthday Party Invitation Ideas
  • While writing the birthday invitation, use words that describe the celebrant. This would not only make him/her feel special, but also give guests an opportunity to know the person better. Also, this would make the card more interesting.
  • Remember, people love birthday invitations that are funny in nature and include witty quotes. Make your birthday party invitation appealing by adding humorous quotes and jokes. Be selective in the type of humor you use.
  • You can include age-related jokes in your birthday invitation card meant for your friends and relatives and your near and dear ones. However, make sure that the birthday boy/girl loves the idea and is game for the number fun.
  • Add a personalized touch to the invitation card by writing your feelings and expressions in your card. This will be appreciated by your guests.
  • How about mentioning some personal details on the birthday invites? Add in some personal information that would go on to define the year gone by and the upcoming year of the celebrant. This would make the card attractive and appealing.
  • In midst of making the card appealing and fascinating, do not forget to mention clearly in simple words the basic information like the time, venue and dress code. The information need to be clear and should not create any doubts in the mind of guests.
Birthday Invitations Wording Samples
You can use rhymes and poems like for example:
One little candle placed on the cake.
One first birthday wish to make!
We can hardly believe it's true.
Our little girl is turning two!
Toot the horn,
bang the drum,
it's a party!
Can you come?
Join in the hoopla
Join in the fun
Join the best Birthday Party
under the sun!
Spring has sprung
and bees are humming!
We’re having a party
and we hope you’re coming

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