Usually performed at weddings and proms, the Cha Cha Slide is one of the most popular line dances. Check out this article to know the different steps of Cha Cha Slide dance.

Cha Cha Slide Dance

Created by Chicago’s DJ Casper (aka Mr. C), Cha Cha Slide is a line dance form initially introduced as an aerobic workout in gyms and fitness clubs. The popularity of the dance induced Mr. C to record the dance and launch it as a separate album. The beats of the song are mesmerizing and can provoke anyone to put on their dancing shoes and instantly start moving to the infectious music. Danced to a song of the same name, Cha Cha Slide is easy to perform, as the lyrics of the song instruct the dancers what steps are required to be done (i.e. when to hop, when to slide to the side and when to clap hands). The extent of the popularity of Cha Cha Slide can be witnessed at the dance clubs, parties, skating rinks and weddings in Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and United Kingdom. Learn some basic steps of this dance form by going through the lines below.
Dance Steps Of Cha Cha Slide
‘Take It To The Left! (Or Right!)’
Step to your left side with your left foot and cross it with your right foot. Step again to the left with your left foot and place your right foot beside the left by touching it.
‘Take It Back Now!’
Move back to your original position using your right foot. Place your right foot on your right and cross it with your left foot. Step right again with your right foot and touch the left foot next to the right one.
‘One Hop This Time!’
Hop forward once or twice (or three or more as called out in the lyrics) on both your feet. If you are hopping on your right, then hitch towards the left and vice versa.
‘Right Foot, Let’s Stomp!’
Stomp on your right foot while placing the left foot in front. Spread your arms along with each stomp to add attitude and grace.
‘Left Foot, Let’s Stomp!’
Now add the weight to your right foot and stomp on the left.
Perform the Latin Cha Cha Cha step, also known as Jazz Square or a Jazz Box, by crossing the right foot over the left and stepping back with your left foot. Next, move to your right with your right foot and step ahead with your left foot.
‘Turn It Out!’ Or ‘Let’s Go To work!’
Turn slightly towards your left while stepping to your right with right foot forming a grapevine. Cross your left foot behind the right one and step aside with the right foot. Finish it off with touching the left foot next to the right one.
According to the beats of the music, clap your hands. You can perform this step either standing at your position or walking around.
‘Criss Cross!’
Jump with your feet apart and continue until the lyrics demand so. Next, cross the right foot over the left and incorporate with your jumping.
‘Slide To The Left!’
Step to your left with your left foot. Now slide your left foot towards the right side, touching the right foot.
‘Slide To The Right!’
On hearing the “reverse” command by the music, overturn your dance steps by stepping to the right with the right foot and sliding to the left by touching the left foot next to the right.
‘How Long Can You Go!’
This is known as the classic limbo step. All you need to do is lean back towards the ground bending down as much as you can.
‘Bring It To The Top!’
When commanded, bring yourself to the upright position. Raise your arms and wave to the music beats, thereby creating synchronization.  
‘Hands On Your Knees!’
Cross your hands in front of your knees. Bend your knees and jump up by knocking them together.
Display your attitude by freezing yourself in the current position, for a moment or as a final pose, on the command of the beats of the music.  

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