Are you looking for ideas to make your garden party interesting and eventful? Listed are a few fun games to entertain your guests.

Garden Party Games

How boring will a garden party be if no games are played? Games add that thrill quotient to a party and make it interesting and eventful. An open space asks for games as people are far more relaxed and can play in the open air, with the breeze blowing all along. Games are a great way to involve both the adults and kids and fill the garden with happy cheer. It makes both the guest and the host comfortable and stress free. Make your garden party one of the most memorable and remarkable ones by adding some fun games to it. In case you need any help, make use of the garden party games listed below.
Garden Party Game Ideas
Guess The Food
Select 5 participants from amongst the guests at the garden party. Now, blindfold the participants one by one and make them taste different garden foods. Ask a guest to write the answers on a sheet of paper, with the name of the participant on it. The one who guessed the maximum right answers is the champion of Guess the Foods game. You can continue the game by selecting five more guests and making them taste different types of food.
Play The Limbo
Place two stands about four feet apart and then place a pole, horizontally between them. Now, ask the individuals to go under the horizontal pole without moving it. Those who are not able to do it are out of the game. Now, lower the height of the pole and repeat the procedure. Keep on doing this, till only one person is left, who will be declared the King or Queen of 'Play The Limbo'.
Pin Bee On Flower
Using a large brown grocery bag or poster board, draw a large flower (a daisy shape is easy to do). Cut it out of the board or paper. Now, following the same process, make bees. Attach tape to the back of each bee, so that there is a sticky side out. Blindfold each participant when it is their turn. The one who places his/her bee closest to the center of the flower wins.

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