Surprise party games add to the enthusiasm of the guests. Check out some fun and interesting game ideas for surprise parties.

Surprise Party Games

Games are essentials for any party, as they bring in a lot of excitement and energy to the whole scenario. For a surprise party, which is already booming with energy, excitement and thrill, games act as a further bonus. While the guests are already basking in the energy and the spark of surprise party, games provide additional fun. The concern of the party, initial focused entirely on the guest of honor, shift to all the guests, as fun games are played. Check out some interesting games for surprise parties.
Surprise Party Game Ideas
Hop Dop 
  • All the players (any number of them) are divided into 2 teams and sit at the table, facing each other.
  • One group is given a little coin. The leader of this team must give the coin to one of his partners. He must do it unnoticeably.
  • At the "Hop" command of the opposite team the coin must be shown over the table. At the command "Dop" - it is again hid under the table, where the players continue to pass it from hand to hand.
  • At the command "Hands on the table!" the players put their hands on the table, with the palms down.
  • The leader of the opposite team must guess who has the coin between his/her fingers.
  • If he/she guesses, the coin is passed to the opposite team and the game begins anew. 
Transferring the Cotton Balls
Things Required
  • 2 buckets
  • 2 chairs
  • Some cotton balls
  • A large serving spoon
  • A blind fold
  • Timer 
  • Place the two chairs about five feet apart, both in the same direction. Put a bucket in each of those chairs. Put the cotton balls in one bucket.
  • Blindfold the first player and place him/her in front of the chair that has the cotton balls.
  • Give the player a spoon, placing it at the edge of the bucket that has the cotton balls, in order to give him an indication where it is. Set the timer according to a specified time, say about 2 minutes.
  • As soon as you say ‘go’, the blindfolded player must start using the spoon to scoop up the cotton balls and put them in the empty bucket, on the other chair.
  • Count the cotton balls that were actually put into the empty bucket by the player.
  • After everybody has had their turn, the one who transferred the maximum number of cotton balls is declared the winner.

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