When it comes to writers, picking presents is not too difficult. Go through this article and find some great gift ideas for writers.

Gift Ideas For Writers

All of us have some or the other passion in our life. Be it playing or watching a particular game, going for movies, reading books, and so on. For a writer, writing is his passion. He dedicates his entire life towards it and it is the only thing that gives him satisfaction. If someone close to you is a writer and his birthday or any other special occasion is around the corner, then don't fret over his gift. All you have to do is to give him something related to writing and he will be the happiest person on this earth. In case you need some ideas, the presents mentioned below will surely come handy.
Gift Ideas For Writers
Editor's Desk
It is one of the best gifts, which can be given to a writer. Any writer would like to have a personalized space of his/her own where he/she can scribble. An editor desk gives what he/she wants and the person whom you are gifting would be very happy to receive the gift.
Gift Certificate To A Bookstore
Almost all the writers are avid readers, a gift certificate to a bookstore would give them the chance to grab their favorite books, and you won’t even have to go fishing for the gift too. And who knows the book they choose become an inspiration for their own writing!
Writing Supplies, Like Envelopes, Paper, Paperweight, Pen
A writer would always need the writing supplies and gifting them, these like paper, pens, paperweight, and envelopes would only make them happy. These gifts are cheaper and easily available and also make a very good option for the gift. Moreover, if you want you could add a costly pen in the gift and be sure that your gift would be cherished forever. 
Magazine Subscriptions
If the person whom you are gifting is a lover of magazines, you can give them the coupons for magazine subscription for a yearly or half-yearly basis. however the choice of the magazine depend completely on the type of the person your gift recipient is. You need to make sure that whatever magazine subscription you gift, it should be liked by the person.
Bedside Lamp
Bedside lamps also make an excellent option for gift to a writer. Many people prefer to write at night in their own time and away from the chaos which the day life holds. And the gift of a lamp is like a gift of light and that too in literal sense. Besides, a hordes of bedside lamps are available in the market in elegant designs and shapes. A gift like this doesn’t even make a hole in your pocket.
Subscription To A Writers Association
It is also a unique idea for gifting a writer especially if the person whom you are gifting is a novice writer. A subscription like such will help him/her in understanding the base of writing and meeting other writers will help him/her improve a lot in their own career. After gifting a subscription to a writers association, you can be sure of getting a ‘thank you’ note sometimes in future from your gift recipient.
The computer has become the new notebook of a person. Today mostly the writer doesn’t only write on a notebook but uses a laptop or a desktop to scribble his writing. If the person you are gifting is your close friend or you can afford a gift of laptop, there would be no better gift than a laptop for him/her. A desktop chains a person to a desk but a writer needs his/her own space which can be given by laptop only. If you cannot afford a laptop, you can give a gift of a latest notebook to your friend that too would work fine.

Some other gifts which you can gift to a writer are: 
  • A Brand-New Printer
  • A New Editing Or Writing Program
  • Portable DVD/CD Player
  • Envelope Moistener
  • Letter Opener and Letter Holder
  • Spiral Notebooks and Pens
  • Gift Coupon to his/her favorite café
  • Noise Canceling Headphones
  • Spa Massage Treatment
  • Personalized T-Shirt, with the words 'Writer/Author/Poet' written on it
  • Postage Scale
  • Writing Books, such as dictionary
  • Journal and Calendar

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