Surprise your teenage girls with handmade presents. Read the article below for homemade gift ideas for teen girls.

Homemade Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

It is very difficult to please a teenager, especially a teen girl. If you are faced with the prospect of gifting your teenage girl or niece, then you surely have a huge mountain to conquer. Today’s teenagers are faced with myriad choices and diverse array of interests. To zero in on one particular item for them is a huge task in itself. More than anything, it is the danger of gifting something that they already have or have no chances of liking that is the main cause for concern. It is easier to find gifts for teenage boys, as most of their preference points towards a certain direction, like gadgets, DVD’s, watches, play stations etc. However, in case of girls, you cannot be too sure. They may have an interest in everything and nothing at all. You may never know if the girl liked your gift, unlike boys who will be sure to give a sour look, if the gift does not match their expectation. To be on the safe side, opt for a homemade gift. It is the best option for teenage girls. It is sure to attract them, due to its uniqueness and also appeal to their sentiments. So, if you are undecided on what to give your teenage girl this year, read the article and explore some of the best homemade gift ideas for teen girls.
Handmade Presents For Teenage Girls
Knitted Scarf
Knit a personalized scarf in her favorite colors or in the colors of her favorite team. Make the design attractive, reflecting her character. Knitting a scarf does not take much time also; spending an hour a day, for a week, is all that is required.
This is another excellent homemade gift for teen girls. Knit a pullover with an attractive quote or her favorite cartoon character on it. Pullovers are best when winter is around the corner. If they are well made and attractive, she will love to show them off to her friends. If you can’t knit, you can always order a personalized, handmade one from any store. However, doing it yourself will have more value.
Funky Bottlecap Necklace
  • Take a piece of paper and print the girl's name in your favorite type and font.
  • Cut it into a circular shapes, about the same size as that of the soda bottle cap.
  • Now, using a drill, make holes at the top and bottom of the cap.
  • Glue the photo paper at the top of the cap and place an epoxy sticker on top of it. Press it lightly, to remove wrinkles.
  • Attach a split ring at the top of the cap and a slightly smaller ring at the bottom of the cap.
  • Now ,take some short threads and string some colorful beads and crystals. Hang these at the bottom of the bottle cap.
  • Take a grosgrain ribbon and slip it through the top ring of the bottle cap and tie it into a knot.
  • The necklace is ready!
Birthday Newspaper
  • Collect some beautiful pictures of the girl and scan them onto your computer.
  • Write some small paragraphs on them, as in memorable incidents, along with anecdotes.
  • Now, use a word program to arrange the articles just like in any newspaper, with the headline announcing the birthday of the girl.
  • You can also type the name of any famous newspaper on the mast.
  • Print out the paper.
  • Now, stick this onto the current newspaper.
  • Make sure that you use the type and font of the newspaper. The paper you print should be about the same size as the newspaper.

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