Surprise parties can bring a great joy on your wife’s face. Explore the article to know more about surprise party ideas for wife.

Surprise Party Ideas For Wife

Who doesn’t like a surprise? We, in fact, expect a surprise in everything, which range from films to our own life. Surprises keep our life alive and fresh and we, human beings love thriller element in life. Giving a surprise party for your wife is not an easy job as you think it would be. There are umpteen number of possibilities for the basic element (that is the surprise) to be lost. It is important to keep the suspense till the last second to see the expression of ‘shocking and pleasant surprise’ on her face. You need partners in the ‘crime’ to make the party really successful. You can choose your friends for that. You shouldn't feel bad about practising the art of deception on your sweetheart’s day, because you are doing that too for seeing the laughter of joy on her face. Read on the article to know more about surprise party ideas for wife. 
Exciting Surprise Party Ideas For Wife 
  • Firstly, you should plan how to invite the people. Forget the idea of sending a bulk email to all your friends. Instead, treat your friends with respect by sending a formal printed invitation. Make sure that all this is done quite cautiously as otherwise it would spoil the surprise out of the party. You also need to inform them that you are conducting a surprise party and so they need to be tight-lipped about it.
  • There must be some relatives and friends living far off whom you don’t meet regularly. If your wife has some friends and relatives whom she hasn’t met for a long time, and would love to meet, take this opportunity to invite them for the party. Don’t give your wife the list of people who are attending the party. The guest list also can be a surprise element for her. The ‘surprise guests’ should come according to your instructions to heighten the intensity of the whole drama.
  • If you are celebrating the party in your own home, you should conceal the party arrangement in some way from her to give her a ‘kick of surprise’. Send her somewhere and if you aren’t directly involved in the arrangement and décor, take her to a movie or a play. By the time you come home, the arrangements would be ready to ‘surprise’ her.
  • Buy something, which she always wanted to have for a gift. Hide the gift somewhere like in attic or in a closet. Make sure that at any cost, she shouldn’t see the gift as it would spoil the whole surprise.
  • Act like you are busy with your work or like you don’t care for her. If she asks why you are so lazy on her birthday, tell her a reason, which would tease her but you, should be careful not to overdo it. If you overdo this exercise, your day will end up as a tragic one. If you feel guilty for what you do, you can tell yourself that you are doing a good thing by telling her lies and teasing her because your final aim is her intense joy.

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