You can arrange a surprise party with absolute control if you know its basic ideas. Explore the article to know more surprise party ideas for a friend.

Surprise Party Ideas For A Friend

Surprise party can turn any ordinary birthday or anniversaries into great excitement for those who are arranging the party and great honor for those who are the ‘guest of honor’. The soul of a surprise party is just that, “a surprise’! The central element of your party should be ‘surprise’ and the success of the party would totally depend on how you manage to keep the secret intact. Although, throwing a surprise party for anyone is a tough job, it becomes really tricky when you are throwing it for your friend. It may be because you may have taken their help when you were throwing surprise parties for your lover, spouse, or any family member. Even though throwing a surprise party for a friend is a hard nut to crack, it is completely feasible. All you need is good planning, an ability to lie through your teeth, and knack to keep the secret. In addition, you need to know some basic ideas about surprise party themes to celebrate such a party for your friend. Secret invitations and special guests are essential parts of this party theme. Read on the article to know more about the surprise party ideas. 
Arranging Surprise Party For A Friend 

Surprise At The Picnic
You can have more fun by celebrating a surprise party under the open sky than at home. A surprise picnic will be a great idea for giving a party to your best friend. Generally, surprise parties are thrown indoors and so your ‘guest of honor’ is less likely to suspect something fishy in your plan. All you need is to plan well in advance. You need to book a place before you step into this idea. It can be either a picnic at a winery, countryside, riverside, or even in your backyard. However, you need to fix your strategies so that your friend doesn’t suspect anything. The most important factor while planning a surprise picnic is the ability to bring your friend to the venue without having him/her suspect anything. You can give excuses of going to a play, shopping, trekking, or anything, which your friend does on a regular basis. After you have reached the venue, open up the secret like a beer bottle and let the sheer spirit of thrill shower joy on everybody. His/her confusion will transform into intense thrill and sheer joy. 

A Surprise Guest
There must be relatives or friends who your friend hasn’t met in many years and would love to meet. If you can get them to meet with the person for whom the party is arranged, it will be a very big surprise gift for him/her. If you plan this as a theme of your party, you don’t have to be secretive about the party itself. You can throw a regular party for your friend and the surprise guest can make that special by his/her appearance. It is easy to arrange a surprise guest themed party than other surprise party ideas. 

Restaurant Party
If you think it is difficult to keep the suspense element in a surprise party arranged at home, it is good to have it arranged at a restaurant. To make the party more special, book the favorite restaurant of your friend for the venue. You should make the arrangements in the restaurant beforehand and should inform everybody concerned. 

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