Titanium is the hardest natural metal and the hottest new material to be used in jewelry designs. Explore this article to know find some interesting facts and information on titanium jewelry.

Titanium Jewelry Facts

The word titanium originates from the Greek word “titanos”, which means ‘Titans’ from Greek mythology. The hottest new material in jewelry designs, which is speedily turning into a fashion statement, titanium is the hardest natural metal on earth. The beauty and elegance of the metal is increasing its popularity in ornaments. It is also being used in various other industries, such as automotive and marine, medical equipment, art and architecture, giftware, sporting equipment and manufacturing. It has a lustrous natural grey color, slightly darker than other silver-colored metals. Titanium is the only metal that possesses the strength of steel and a weight comparable to aluminum. Read on further to explore some interesting facts on titanium jewelry.
Interesting Information On Titanium Jewelry
  • The strongest metal in the world, titanium is extremely durable. It is virtually impossible to destroy titanium jewelry.
  • Practically impossible to scratch, bend or dent, titanium jewelry forms a great option for people who tend to be harder on their ornaments.
  • Since it is naturally available in abundance, the jewelry made from titanium is relatively less expensive than gold, silver and platinum. Hence, it forms a great alternative for budget conscious buyers.
  • With a unique appearance, titanium jewelry has a hue that is distinctively different from that of white gold, platinum and silver.
  • It has less natural sheen than white gold and platinum.
  • Due to the boldness of its design, titanium jewelry has a masculine feel to it.
  • Usually, titanium is shaped into bolder, larger pieces of jewelry, such as wide wedding bands, as opposed to more delicate designs. This is because titanium is extremely strong and cannot be shaped into intricate designs or scrollwork.
  • Titanium is 100% hypoallergenic i.e., it does not cause any allergic reactions on wearing it. The metal used in jewelry is 99% pure and is medically certified.
  • Being lightweight, titanium jewelry is very comfortable to wear.
  • Titanium jewelry does not tarnish, as opposed to silver that tarnishes and rusts with time.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain titanium jewelry. Simply mix mild detergent with water and wipe the ornaments with it.
  • Being an extraordinary durable metal, it is difficult to resize titanium rings. Although rings can be up-sized slightly, they cannot be downsized.
  • Pure titanium does not react to the oils in skin, sunlight and salt water.
  • While most metals that are suitable for jewelry cannot be colored, titanium can be colored in a wide array of exotic colors.
  • To keep the lustrous looking properties of titanium jewelry intact, it should be polished at least once in a year.

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