Making a jewelry box at home is not a complex task. It can be creative and fun, with beautiful results.

How To Make A Jewelry Box At Home

You pass by stores and you see some really beautiful jewelry boxes, on display. You look at the prices, and they seem horrendous! Some of the boxes seem to cost even more that the jewelry that you own! Well, you can own a jewelry box that looks as good, or even better, by making it yourself. Many people would feel that homemade items are not as beautiful as the ones that are available at shops. However, this is a misconception! You can make a jewelry box that is of higher quality, since you would be taking care of each and every step that is taken to make it. Besides, making your own jewelry box at home can be fun and will not make a hole in your pocket. You can make use of a few inexpensive things that you might find around the house or at a craft shop to make your own, personalized jewelry box. Or, you could show off your skills by gifting it to someone. Read on to know how to make a jewelry box at home.
Making A Jewelry Box At Home 
What You Will Need 
  • A plain box that can be converted into a jewelry box
  • Pre-made jewelry trays or compartments
  • Small mirrors
  • Colored paper
  • Felt lining
  • Glitter glue
  • Scissors
  • Stickers
  • Glue 
How To Make It 
  • Determine the size of the jewelry box that you want to make, depending on the number of jewelry pieces that you have.
  • You could choose to make a jewelry box out of cardboard, glass, or fiberboard if you wish to have a small box. If it is a larger box, then you could go in for a wooden one or a metal one, since the larger ones will need to be stronger and more durable.
  • Once you decide on the material for the boxes, get hold of the material. Quite often, you will find cardboard or wood lying around the house. These could be shoeboxes, hatboxes, or cookie tins. You could also choose to buy any, from a craft shop.
  • Stick felt fabric to the inner sides of the box.
  • Glue tiny mirrors on to the box’ lid. Allow time for the glue to dry completely. If you don’t, then the mirrors will fall off.
  • To complete the inside of the box, insert the jewelry compartments that have already been made. It is up to you to decide how many trays you wish to have and how big these trays will be, since it is dependent on the size and number of the pieces that you own.
  • Paint the outer surface of the jewelry box. You can also choose to glue colored paper on to the outer surfaces. Whether you paint, it or whether you glue the paper on, you will need to allow this to dry.
  • Decorate the box by taking into consideration the room’s décor. If the jewelry box is to go into a child’s room, you could use stickers and glitter glue. For teenagers or adults, you could choose to paint beautiful designs on to the box.

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