Surprises keep the charm alive in a relationship and surprising your better half cements the bond further. Read on to know some ideas on how to throw surprise party for your husband.

Surprise Party Ideas For Husband

A party for your husband, about which he is unaware, is sure to give him a pleasant surprise. The secret personal party in his honor is sure to brighten not only your husband’s, but your day as well. It will also add some fun in your life and create an emotional bonding between the two of you. For some, surprise parties are a tactic to pleasantly shock the honored person at home only. However, a surprise party for your hubby need not necessarily be a personal affair; it can be hosted outside your home, in pubs, clubs, restaurants, and picnic spots as well. While planning such a party, keep in mind that its main purpose is to make your husband feel special and loved. So, things should be done keeping an eye on his likes and dislikes. Read on to know some really interesting surprise party ideas for husband.
How To Throw Surprise Party For Your Husband
  • Choose a date for the party after getting consent from all people who are supposed to attend it, so as to make sure that they are present on day of the surprise.
  • Call a close friend to help you with all the decoration and cooking or else you can also organize a caterer from outside.
  • Send a reminder, a day before, to all the people who are supposed to attend the party, mentioning that the party is a surprise for your husband and it should not be revealed to him by any.
  • Invite all the guests at least 30 minutes before your husband is supposed to reach the venue. Hide them well and switch off the lights.
  • Lights should be switched on the moment your husband enters the party menu, so that he is duly surprised.
  • You can play games to add fun to the scenario. Or else, you can also organize game shows with relatives and friends.
  • Ask all family members and friends to write a few lines for him on a piece of paper. Collect every note to make a scrap file of it. Present it to him in a gift wrap. Make him realize that how special is he, and how much he is loved by everyone.
  • Call all the favorite family members, relatives and friends of your husband. Make food keeping in mind his preferences, order drinks that he prefers, and decorate the house using his favorite color.
Some Ideas
Picnic Party: Celebrate the occasion under the open sky, with your family members and friends. Order the food from a restaurant, or make his favorite delicacies yourself and get it to the picnic spot. Everything should be pre-planned. He should be called directly to the picnic spot to make it a real surprise.
Casino Style Party: Decorate the house with red and black Mylar balloons, hang neon lights all over and paste the posters of dollar sign all round. Arrange cards, chips sodas and call all your friends. Don’t forget to have lots of finger foods at hand and great music playing in the background!
Party At Restaurant: You can keep a surprise party at the restaurant. Inform the restaurant staff before the party that it is supposed to be a surprise for your husband, so that they help you make all the necessary arrangements. Call your friends and family at the venue and surprise your husband with the amazing idea!

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