Prank calls are ideal for playing practical jokes and stitching people up. Read this article for some funny and hilarious prank call ideas that are sure to make you and your friends cry with laughter.

Funny Prank Call Ideas

Funny Prank Call Ideas
Prank call ideas can range from mildly funny to absolutely side splitting. Kids and youngsters often have a devilish side that urges them to make funny prank calls to others and disturb them in the dead of the night. After all, they can be very irritating, distressing and actually stitch people up, especially when you call them at the wrong time. The funniest prank calls are those that will keep you laughing for days afterwards. Although some people are natural at playing pranks, others require some pointers. If you fall in the latter category, do not worry. Read on for some funny prank call ideas. Enjoy your calls and have fun!
Ideas For Hilarious Prank Calls
Congrats! You Won!
You will often find some restaurants having little boxes, where you fill a form for a chance to win something. In case people known to you have also filled it up, call them up and inform them that they have won the prize. Ask them to pick up the prize in person and give a location far away, at an unusual time.
Name Swap
Whenever you find your hubby’s phone lying around, quickly change your name in his phonebook with his boss’ name. Give him a call after a few minutes. He will think that his boss is calling him. If you can alter your voice a little, all the more better! Ask your hubby to do something really funny!
Multiple Caller Wrong Number Prank
This prank will be great with a group of friends. Take turns and call the victim, enquiring about Rohit (or any other name). The victim is sure to answer “No, you have the wrong number”. Next, let another friend call back asking for the same name. When the victim really gets annoyed, call him up, tell him that you are Rohit, and ask if anyone has been calling for you.
Your Mobile Has Been Stolen
Call your victim saying that someone has reported that his/ her mobile has been stolen. Inform them that their number will be disconnected in the next 5 minutes.
You’re Live On The Radio
Pretending to be an RJ from a local radio station, call your victim. State that the victim is live on the show and has to answer three simple questions to win a weekend trip to a happening destination. Ensure to make list of naughty and funny questions in advance, to embarrass your victim.
Phone Engineer Wants To Test Your Phone
Call your victim pretending to be an engineer from their network provider. Inform them that the lines have been giving some problem and needs to be tested by the exchange’s voice recognition system. Make note of some stupid phrases and make your victim repeat the same for voice testing.
Your Order Is Ready
Give a call to your victim, asking him/ her to confirm your bookings for something. The person will surely object to any such order. Argue with the person and remind him/ her of the payment for the said number of goods. Insist on him/her to deliver the ordered goods immediately.
I’m Pregnant
Dial up any random number and when the person picks up your call, inform him, “hey.. I have bad news.. I'm pregnant.” The news is sure to scare the hell out of the listener.

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