Your wedding card speaks volumes about you and sets the tone for the event. So, if you are someone with a funny-bent of mind, sending funny wedding invitation may work. Read on for more ideas.

Funny Wedding Invitations

Wedding is perhaps one of the biggest moments for all of us and doing it in a way that makes it a celebration of a lifetime is indeed the dream of many. Weddings are very special and how you proclaim it to the world goes a long way to show how you feel about your big day. Wedding invitations are the ideal way to allow others to know about your big moment and seek their esteemed presence. Often we are so much caught up in deciding on the wedding cake, bridal trousseau and tuxedo, food, banquet hall and more that we miss out on one of the key things involving the event - wedding cards. Wedding card is what makes the first impression on the guests and prepares them for what is to follow. It sets the tone for the event and hence it is vital that you choose a wedding card that reflects your persona. Styling the invitation card in a fashionable and chic way need some thought process. If you are fun-loving person with a funny bent of mind, putting up a funny wedding card may just work for you. Here are some side-splitting wedding card ideas for you. Just surprise your guest with these funny wedding cards and get them roaring with laughter. Read on for more. 
Funny Wedding Invitation Ideas
  • You can hardly go wrong with a wedding invitation that is downright hilarious and categorically funny, as long as it is given in good taste and accepted in good spirit. If you especially wish to get your invitees rolling with laughter, sending them a wedding card with rib-tickling wedding jokes written all over may just do the trick. Just scour the joke books or the many online wedding jokes websites will leave you with plenty of jokes to laugh your guts out. Just pick up your favorite funny wedding one-liners and jokes and add them to your wedding card for a memorable wedding card that is sure to leave your guests rolling as well.
  • You can style your wedding cards to resemble a hobby and do it up in absolute funny way. For instance, if the bride and the groom are fond of music, you can have a card that resembles a concert ticket or their favorite rock star and then "time of event" as the date of the wedding and "the event" as "The Rocking Wedding of – bride and groom’s name” or something similar.
  • If you have a funny bone and would like to have a wedding card that reflects your funny side, the oxymoron ‘seriously funny’ well suits a wedding card. Go for an obviously funny deadpan version, instead of the hilarious wedding invitation verses and watch your guests do a double take. The more they try to read into it, the more hilarious it gets!
  • You can also try sending a wedding card that somewhat resembles an obituary card, as marriage is often equaled to end of one’s liberties and even one’s entry into hell, in a light spirit of course. For this, you can make your invitations look like obituaries. You can use "time of death" as date of the wedding and cause of death as marriage or being hooked or anything creative and funny you can think of. However, this kind of cards should only be given to someone with great sense of humor, as this kind of fun won’t go down well with too many people.

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