Surprise Party favors are the best for prolonging memories of the party. Look for unique favor ideas for surprise parties.

Surprise Party Favors

In the present day world, party favors have become almost inevitable. For a surprise party, when all the focus is directed at the guest of honor, you can surprise your guests by giving them a token of your appreciation at the moment of their departure. Party favors are a gracious way of expressing one’s gratitude to the people attending the party. These favors, in a way, also speak about the host’s feeling and love for the guests. While the person for whom the party has been thrown will be highly elated by this sweet gesture, other guests too will be extremely happy on receiving them. Besides, other guests have played a great role in making your party a hit. So, it’s your turn to show your gratitude to them as well. These party favors keep the party memories fresh and will remind the guests of the great party they once attended. The party favors add to the mood of eagerness and curiosity of the surprise party. Read on to explore unique favor ideas for surprise parties.
Surprise Party Favor Ideas 
  • Chocolate favor is the simplest, yet a special favor that can bring a smile on your guest’s lips. Go get some assorted chocolate, mix then up and give a bagful to each of the guests.
  • Scented candles can make another great party favor. You can also think of other varieties of candles, like floating candles, colorful candles and the candles made in exquisite designs.
  • Get some attractive place-card holders. Insert a place card with your guest’s name on it and gift the same, to be cherished by your guests forever.
  • Gift basket has always been one of the favorite party favors. The best thing about a gift basket is that you can find several varieties in this gift items. You can choose from cookie, chocolate, wine, dry fruits and flower gift baskets. If you want to be more creative, put in a spa voucher or a game ticket amid the stuffs in the basket, and surprise your guest further.
  • Get a collection of heart-touching music and present it to each of your guests as a surprise party favor.
  • How about gifting your guest a bottle of wine or beer, wrapped with the portrait of the guest of honor! This A simple key ring with the initial of your guest may sound very simple. But surprisingly, this will make a great favor for your guest.
  • Personalized gifts always have their own charm. You can get a T-shirt with the name of the guest of honor as the party favor. You can try out with a custom-made photo frame, with the photo capturing your most precious moments with the attending guests. For this, you will need a Polaroid camera to click a group photo during the party and then get it framed immediately.
  • Coffee mugs can never go wrong with any person. Make them personalized by writing your name and short personal message on them. 

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