Although defrosting a turkey is a time consuming process, it is very easy to carry out. In this article, learn different ways of how to thaw a frozen turkey.

How To Defrost A Turkey

A frozen turkey must be stored in a freezer until ready to use. Also, it must be thawed completely, before it is cooked. Frozen turkeys are not in pace with the other food industry. It may take hours or even days to defrost a turkey. While a large number of people eat the bird, many of them are in the dark about the process of defrosting it and do not know the most appropriate method to use for the same. They often end up defrosting it in an incorrect way, which results in the growth of harmful bacteria in the meat. It is essential to follow the proper methods of defrosting a turkey, if you want the dish to taste delicious. Go through the article to know about the best ways of defrosting a turkey. 
How To Thaw A Frozen Turkey
This is one of the most popular methods of defrosting a turkey. Set the temperature of your refrigerator around 40 ºF. Now, place the turkey on a plate and put it in the refrigerator. Keep a pan underneath the turkey, to catch the drippings. The refrigerator should be emptied before starting the thawing process. The thawing will take around 24 hours, for every five pounds of turkey.
A low to medium energy setting will be optimum for defrosting a turkey in a microwave. Each pound of the turkey will require 6 minutes of thawing, by this method. While defrosting the meat, make sure to rotate it occasionally, from one end to the other.
Cold Water Method
The cold water method is a fast way to defrost a turkey. Thawing process fastens up when you place the turkey in a pot filled with cold water. Cover the pot with a lid. Be sure to wrap the turkey in a leak proof package, because the meat can absorb moisture and become watery. Thawing process will take around 30 minutes per pound of the turkey.
Metal Tray
To accomplish a speedy thaw, transfer the turkey to a simple metal tray on the counter. Since metal in one of the most efficient conductors of heat, the meat will start thawing quickly. The main drawback in this method is that the meat will thaw more quickly on the side which is in contact with the tray and the top portion will still remain frozen. Thus, this method is most useful for thawing smaller turkeys.
  • Do not thaw pre-stuffed turkey.
  • The turkey should be defrosted at optimum temperatures, which should never go beyond 40 ºF. Temperature beyond this can result in bacterial growth inside the meat.
  • Do not leave the turkey out overnight at room temperature (on the kitchen counter, in a brown bag or a picnic cooler), for defrosting, as it can contaminate the bird with bacteria.
  • Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before working on the raw turkey.
  • Turkeys thawed by using the cold water method should be cooked immediately, since the temperature cannot be controlled and it can lead to spoilage of the meat.

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