Are you looking for some favor ideas for your garden parties? Choose from the favors listed here and make your garden party a success.

Garden Party Favors

Party over, but memories still fresh!! That’s what a favor will do to your garden party.While a party is mostly about great food, perfect ambience and good music, one can go a little ahead and add party favors to your party. To make your garden party one of the most memorable and striking ones, present each of your guests some goodies that they may keep as memoirs. They would remind your guests of the great party they attended. Party favors should be something useful and worthwhile or something that would constantly be a reminder of the good bash they had. Check out some unique favors ideas for your garden parties.
Garden Party Favors Ideas 
  • Pick toys, children's books, coloring books and crayons as favors for kids' garden party. They are interactive as well as safe to use and can be used by children of all age groups. Avoid toys or gifts with removable parts, to guard against the possibility of choking hazards.
  • Choose unique party favors, such as special plants. Smaller, new plants just starting to grow are inexpensive, but can be incredibly rewarding, especially when they are herbs (fragrant herbs like basil and rosemary are ideal) that can be used time and again. Small flowering plants are also terrific.
  • Pick candy as garden party favors. Candy is often the safest and least expensive choice, as there are very few people in the world who wouldn't love its sweet taste. Give a mixture of different candies, like chocolates and hard candies.
  • Splurge on your guests and buy gifts that might go beyond what can normally be considered a favor. For example, if you host a party that's themed after a specific genre of music or era in time, give your guests a CD featuring the music of the day.
  • Send back your guests with a keepsake favor flower seed packets, a fresh flower bouquet, or a satchel of home-grown vegetables from your garden.
  • Butterfly bookmarks or bookmarks shaped in manner that they reflect nature make impressive favors. They are perfect for a guest who loves reading.
  • Salt and pepper shakers are perfect gifts for home makers. They would love it, besides it would also act as a reminder of the party.
  • Salad server sets and plates also act as good favors.
  • Perfumed candles are also good favor ideas, as they give a serene and scented atmosphere wherever lighted, just like a garden.

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