Your toddler’s birthday is just round the corner and you haven’t decided on the party favors you are going to give. Go through this article & find an amazing list of party favor ideas for toddlers.

Toddler Party Favors

Parties for toddlers are synonymous with fun and frolic. Though, parties are enjoyed by people of all ages, for toddlers, they hold a very special meaning for all that comes along with it, like gifts, friends and delicious recipes. However, arranging a party for you toddler can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to party favors. One needs to find the most liked party favors, so that children are glad that they attended the party. The article lists some of the best toddler party favors to make you kid's party a real blast for his/her young companions. Go through them and take your pick!
Party Favor Ideas For Toddlers
Coloring Books and Crayons
All toddlers are fascinated with colors and love to paint around. Try to find coloring books that match the theme of the party. Tape a box of crayons on the book and the favor is ready to go. This is easy to arrange and works out well for children of all ages. They will, most definitely, love this engrossing idea.
Children love to play with balls, irrespective of their age. Big beach balls will not make for an exorbitant budget, when bought in a lot. Finding balls to match the theme of the party can be a very pleasant surprise. It can be a fun idea, especially for summer birthdays.
Bubbles are also a good choice for party favors. They make up inexpensive favors and are perfect for a great party time. You can pick them up cheap, in packs of 4 or 5. Another option is to get the bubbles personalized to match your party theme. You can even get them with your child's name on them.
Books can definitely make for an awesome party favor for toddlers. The gift of reading is the most thoughtful one. You may have to really work hard to find out suitable and good books, but you will be pleasantly surprised how cheap they come. This is one favor that event the parents of the visiting children are going to appreciate.
Big Lollipops
Big Lollies are, yet again, a very cool option as a party favor. Lollipops are an economical option and are loved by almost all the kids. It is surely an exciting option and worth giving a shot, just to see that priceless smile on the faces of your young visitors.
Candy Bars
Candy bars, personalized for the toddler party, is another trouble-free and cute option.  The only things to shop are wrappers and candy bars. You can have the wrappers custom made with your theme and child's name on them. It can be a little pricey. So, make sure to shop around and negotiate the best possible price.
Bath Tub Toys
Bath toys can be a loved party favor, as all children simply love their bath tubs. They will surely be very excited and happy to see fancy toys, with which they can play in their bath tub toys. You can buy packs of assorted bath toys as well and save on money. These toddler party favors are good for both girls and boys.

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