Playing games on Valentine’s Day is a fun way to spend the party night. Read on the article to get some interesting adult valentine party games ideas.

Adult Valentine Games

Playing games in Valentine’s Day party is a fun and interesting way to express your love for the 'someone special' in your life. With just the right mixture of fun and excitement, Valentine games can prove to be great ice-breakers for the party guests, especially the adult ones. Moreover, the games give a chance to express your love and have fun at the same time. Not only do the couples get closer, but the guests present in the party also get a chance to know each other. Check out some very interesting adult valentine party games in this article.
Adult Valentine Games
Find the Valentine’s Day Message
This is an easy game to play on Valentine’s Day, which will keep up the party spirits of all your guests. Get some balloons and slips of paper. Leave all of the slips of paper blank except one, in which the Valentine message is written. Fill the balloons with helium and put one slip on each of them. Attach the balloons to the ceiling using tape. Tuck ribbons to the balloons to make them easy to reach. At the end of the party, ask your guests to pull down the balloons and stamp them to find the slip on which the Valentine’s Day message is written. The person who gets the slip with the message is the winner of the game.    
Word Scramble
Another interesting way to spend the party night is to play Valentine word scramble. Write Valentine’s Day related words on cards. Scramble all the words and place them in the middle of a table. Set a time limit of two minutes and ask your guests to arrange the scrambled words. The person who finishes the maximum number of words within the time limit is declared the winner.
Balloon Burst
Add fun to your celebration by playing the ‘balloon burst’ game. Inflate big size, heart shaped red balloons. Before putting the knot on the inflated balloons, fill them with chocolates, heart-shaped key chains, wrapped candy bars, wrist bands and other small gifts. Now, spread all the balloons across the floor. Ask your guests to stomp the balloons by sitting on them. They shall be given the treats inside the popped balloons.
Paint a large-sized heart in the center of a midsized bulls-eye board. Make cardboard arrows and give one to each of your guests. Ask the participants to throw their arrows on the board, from a distance. Give three chances to each of them to hit the bulls-eye. The person who hits the bulls-eye in any of the three attempts will be given a gift.
Unwrap the Candy Bar
‘Unwrap the candy bar’ is an exciting Valentine game for adults, which is played with partners facing each other, with their hands tied behind them. Put the wrapped candy bars in the mouth of each couple. Within a set time limit, each of the couple has to unwrap the candy bar without using their hands. The couple which finishes their entire treat first is declared the winner.

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