Are you interested in throwing surprise parties? If yes, then go through this article and explore tips on how to throw a surprise party.

How To Throw A Surprise Party

Have you ever thrown the “not so surprise” parties? Why is it that whenever you plan to throw a party, the person in whose honor you are planning it never seems surprised? It may be because you do not know how to throw successful surprise parity. Throwing parties is simple and easy. However, throwing surprise parties is a whole new ball game. The look on the guest of honor’s face is priceless, when he or she enters the room and find a party thrown in his/ her honor. If you want to relish that look even once, go through this article. Read on to know how to throw a surprise party, with the tips given in the lines below.
Throwing Surprise Parties
Keep The Surprise Element
The best thing about surprise parties is just that, “surprise”. So keep the surprise element alive. Keep all the elements of the party hidden from the guest of honor. If you are throwing a party outside, it is easy to keep it a secret. However, keeping a home party a secret is quite difficult. In such a case, you need to arrange the party at a time when the guest of honor is away at work. Yet another idea is to let some of your friends take the person, in whose honor you are throwing party, somewhere outside.
Shop For Supplies
Shop for the supplies much before the party. For example, if the party is tomorrow and you shop for it today, then the chance of the surprise leaking out is there. However, if you shop for the party two weeks in advance, nobody will doubt you. If you live with the person in whose honor you are throwing the party, hiding the supplies may be tricky. It is better to keep them at a friend's house, till the party day.
Invite The Guests
Plan how many guests you want to invite. It should include all the near and dear ones of the guest of honor. While inviting them, make sure to let all the guests know about the surprise element. Also, exclude all the blabbermouth people from the guest list. All the guests should be briefed about the party maximum two weeks in advance. The more time you give the guests, the higher will be the chances of the surprise leaking out.
Opt for military silence when talking about decoration. Make sure that everything is done silently. Keep the taste and preference of the surprise attendee in mind. If he/she loves movies, you can plan decorations as per Hollywood theme. In case of a kid, fairytale theme will be great for party decoration.
Determine the typo of the party, whether it is formal, causal or a small home affair. Make sure the caterers contact you on the cell phone only and not on the home phone. You can even brief them about the surprise element beforehand, so they can be more alert. The foods, drinks and all the other supplies should be in ample quantities.

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