Making nylon soap balls is fun, easy and a great way to use the material that would have otherwise gone waste. Read the tips given here and know how to make nylon soap balls.

How To Make Nylon Soap Balls

Are you upset that you have to throw the small soaps as you can’t even hold them properly, forget about bathing or washing with them? If throwing old soaps seems like a waste to you, you can use them for making nylon soap balls. Apart from curbing wastage, the soap balls can be a fancy addition for your guest bathroom. Nylon soap balls are not only a creative way to use the material that would have otherwise gone to waste; but make a great gift as well. You can gift them to someone who loves sweet-smelling soaps and appreciate homemade gifts. When prepared and wrapped in the right way, they can even be given as party favors. Apart from that, you can even wash your car or decorate your bathroom with them. The most amazing thing about nylon soap ball is that making them takes only a few minutes. Want to know more? Read the tips given below and know how to make nylon soap balls.
Making Nylon Soap Balls
Materials Required
  • Colorful Nylon Fabric
  • Soap Chips
  • Satin Pouch (optional)
  • Hot Water
  • Tulle Bag (optional)
  • Perfume or Essential Oil (optional)
  • Herbs (optional)       
  • Take all the soap bars that are too small to use and keep storing them until you have enough to make a large ball.
  • Break the small soap bars into very small pieces, with the help of a knife.
  • Put the soap scraps in hot water. You should use just enough water to stir the soap scraps. Say, if you have one cup of soap chips, then half a cup of hot water would be enough.
  • Let the soap chips remain in the hot water for ten minutes. When they have become soft to touch, knead them properly, like dough and throw out excess water. You can also add a teaspoon of your favorite perfume to the dough.
  • When the mixture becomes like sticky, roughly like the chapatti dough, take out some of it and make a ball.
  • Smooth out the soap ball and squeeze all the water out of it. Now keep it on a cookie sheet or wax paper, for drying. The ball should not have water in it or it will break easily.
  • If you are planning to give nylon soap balls as favors, add different colors to the mixture, for making colorful soap balls. You can add essential oils and some herbs, like aloe vera, as well, for better results.
  • The balls will get ready in around two days. However, you may have to reform them, if they have become warped in shape.
  • Cut the nylon into desired shape and envelope the balls in it. Tie the nylon just above the soap balls. Use soft nylon for the purpose. The colorful the nylon, the better looking will your soap balls be.
  • After you have made the nylon balls, you can also put in a satin bag or tulle bag, and tag it, with a leaf shaped label. Your homemade present is ready to be gifted.

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