Some of the best movies have filmed kissing scenes with utmost beauty. Explore this article to know about the top film kisses of all time.

Best Movie Kisses

According to you, what makes an on-screen kiss passionate? Is it the chemistry between the actors, the circumstances that lead to the kiss or the level of passion between the two? If we are not wrong, an amalgamation of all the aforementioned situations makes a kiss passionate and memorable for a long time. While there are 'n' number of movies in Hollywood, which best describe this romantic gesture, only a few have remained etched in the minds of the viewers, for many years. In this article, we have short-listed some of the best movie kisses that have been seen till date.  
Top Film Kisses Of All Time
Gone With The Wind
'Gone With The Wind' is a 1939 classic flick, starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable. The movie has featured many notable kisses, which make it an utterly romantic flick. Amongst the most passionate kisses is the one that takes place when Rhett (the hero) heads for American Civil war and before that, he asks his love interest Scarlett for a kiss, which he would remember during the wartime.
The 1997 blockbuster movie 'Titanic' is remembered not only for its scintillating story and screenplay, but also for its amazing kissing scene. Not just the kissing scene, even the build up to kiss has been filmed very beautifully. Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) have an intimate talk on the bow of the ship and finally lock their lips, at the end of the scene. The brilliantly setting sun and the sparkling water of the deep blue sea in the background set the perfect romantic mood for the kiss. They passionately kiss each other with immense love that sets the audience simply awestruck.
Pride And Prejudice
While you won't experience the thrill of the kissing sequence by reading the book (written by Jane Austen), the filmed scene would definitely set you in a romantic mood. On screen, the character of Elizabeth (Keira Knightly) and her love interest Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen) share a very romantic kiss at the end of the movie. The build up to the kiss and the suspense of it make it very romantic and memorable.
You're In The Army Now
The 1941 movie 'You Are In The Army Now' is best remembered for filming one of the longest kisses in the history. The passionate kiss was shared by Jane Wyman and Regis Tommey, on screen. The kiss lasted for as long as 3 minutes and 5 seconds.
Breakfast At Tiffany
Breakfast At Tiffany (1961) is worth watching for its story, screenplay and of course, the passionate kiss that is shared by Paul (George Peppard) and Holly (Audrey Hepburn). The kissing scene is preceded by an exchange of dialogues between Paul and Holly. Paul is disgraced by the timid attitude and cowardliness of Holly. He extends the ring that he carried along with him, which she refuses to accept. The scene culminates with a romantic kiss.
When Harry Met Sally
'When Harry Met Sally' is a romantic comedy film, released in 1989. The on-screen chemistry between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan is what made the movie a hit in the decade. The scene, in which Harry (Crystal) locks his lips with Sally (Ryan) on the New Year's Eve, during the climax of the movie, surely gets locked in the mind of the viewer sas well.

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